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Shameless Preferences 3-The song that describes your relationship

Lip- Crazy for you-hedley.
You and lip had been dating over a year and one thing you two had both learned, was that neither of you were easy to deal with, both of you started stupid fights with one another, you had horrible anxiety and lip sometimes drank too much and both of you had messy and stressful families which made things hard on your relationship. Whenever you and lip would make up he would say “You’re a lot of crazy, but I’m so crazy for you” Just like the song and it brought happiness to you.

Ian-Issues-Julia Michaels
You and Ian both struggled heavily with mental illnesses, him having Bipolar and you having extreme depressive disorder followed by an anxiety disorder. With all of that you both got over all the obstacles together. “cause I’ve got issues but you’ve got them too. So give them all to me and ill give mine to you cause we’ve got the kinda love it takes to solve them” These lyrics fit you perfectly because you and him were in this together, all of it.

Carl-Gateway Drug-Bebe Rexha
Kissin’ leads to’
Touchin’ leads to
Lovin’ leads to
Fuckin’ leads to
Someone always seems to get hurt”

That was the best way to explain your relationship with he handsome Gallagher boy. You’d kiss, touch, fall back in love , do a little more than just touch and then it was good for the next few weeks until a fight happened again, where one of you would say something to hurt the other, than it repeats. Your relationship definitely wasnt the healthiest but you both love each other and even during fights Carl stayed loyal and if you needed him no matter how pissed he was he was there for you the second you told him you needed him.

Mickey-All I ever need-Austin Mahone
You had been best friends with Mick since the age of 5 and started dating at the age of 16. Mickey was your everything and truthfully he was all you really needed. He’s protected you from your dad, stood up for you against bullies, made you feel safe and wanted. Mickey had a soft spot for you, you were the only one who saw is soft side. Since you two started dating 3 years ago you had been slowly undoing all the damage his dad had done with him and showing him that loving doesn’t make you weak. He believed you but no one saw that loving side with you often, when most were around you two acted like best friends even though everyone knew you were dating. No one not even Mickey could understand how much that Milkovich meant to you.

You Guys!!!

They referenced SO many past Gallavich moments!!! 1) They went to the bleachers. Which is where they reunited in S3. 2) Mickey said “there’s not much to do in there except work out”. Which is what he said to Ian in S2 at the baseball field. 3) they had another van kiss. 4) Mickey saying “miss me?”. Like Holy Fucking Shit!! I’m dead!! Buried and never coming up again.

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Shameless 5.06 | Crazy Love | The Best of Mickey Milkovich

Alright shithead this is like the 200th time I’m calling you and you not picking up and I’m starting to get fucking homicidal. Call me the fuck back Ian. I’m worried about you. I love you. Call me back

Shameless Preferences 2-Fionas thoughts on you

Lip- She really liked you, she thought you’d be really good for lip as you always made sure he was okay and watched his drinking from a far but most importantly lip let you in and let you help him and she had never seen lip do that with a girl so she knew you were a keeper. You and Fiona both knew that Lip was to good for the south side and you made it your number one job to make sure he made it out of there

Ian- At first she wasn’t really a fan of Ian being with anyone at the moment, he had just got all of his meds on track and had a stable job and fighting/ breakups could lead to a lot of set backs with his bipolar. Ian had asked Fiona to meet you, just to see how it would go. As much as Fiona didn’t want to admit this and nor will she ever she loved you from the very beginning but what really won her over is after dinner while Ian was changing Liam you said to her

“ I know how protective you are over him, and I understand why. my sister has bipolar as well and Ive been taking care of her since her diagnose, I like Ian a lot and Ill do whatever i can to help him in anyway I can. Ive been in this game for a long time and like you I know the signs and the steps. I can help”

Carl-  Carl had been really hurt after dom cheated on him, sure he was only 15 but if you knew anything about this boy you knew how big his heart was and all he wanted to do was give to others even if thats not what he looks like not the outside. You and Carl had been best friends since Kev and V had adopted you after your dad died, you two became closer than Fiona had ever seen Carl get close with someone. She liked you as a friend and when he told her that you two were dating she was happy he finally found a good one.

Mickey- You had moved across the road from the Gallagher household and had started babysitting Liam a few days a week to help Fiona out. You had been dating a certain Milkovich boy and one day you had asked if it was okay that Mickey tagged along and she said yes. Mickey had grown on her over the past year with everything he did for Ian(lets pretend he’s bi if your a female). Fiona had honestly become like a mom to Mickey so when she found out you two were dating she was beyond happy and told him he found himself a keeper.


Cameron Monaghan & Jeremy Allen White on the Brothers