jeremy wilkin

The cast of Les Mis London singing “Let the Sunshine In” in their warm up (x)


Right so last night I saw Les Mis in London and it was brilliant (thanks @quarterdagger) and I was lucky enough to meet some of the cast at stage door which was so cool! But what I noticed that annoyed me a bit was that there were quite a few people there who it seemed to me had just seen the show and were just at stage door to see Carrie Hope Fletcher. She is extremely talented and is brilliant as Eponine, but she is not the only person in the show. Every actor and actress in the show is so talented and brilliant and should be appreciated as much as her. Most of these people at stage door, I noticed, didn’t even take photos or talk to any of the other cast members - not even Peter Lockyer who plays the lead! And when we found that Carrie wasn’t coming to stage door tonight they were all annoyed and most of them left straight away, having not even acknowledged the other actors. Carrie isn’t obliged to go to stage door, she’s just come back from illness, it’s Christmas and she wants to get home before midnight. I think the fans do understand this but they overlooked the talent of all of the other people on stage last night. Personally, I found it frankly rude that they so blatantly ignored the other actors in the hope of meeting their idol.

I’m sorry about how long and ranty this became, but hey here’s my stage door photos with some of this awesome cast


Our Cosette, Zoe Doano, takes us backstage at Les Mis London