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Q: In honor of Mother’s Day, what is the best thing your mom cooks?

Jeremy: My mom cooks everything the best… Even if it isn’t, mom cooks everything the best. 


He’s completely fearless as an actor. There’s a real trap with some actors where they play so oddball they’re not accessible. But Sam finds a way home, every time. He’s got this vulnerability that allows the audience in. And you can’t wait for him to come on the screen again because you just don’t know what’s going to happen. There’s that unpredictability. Every time he’s on screen in Seven Psychopaths he lights it up. You can’t teach that.” - actor Jeremy Renner on friend Sam Rockwell.


Can we all just appreciate how beautiful this man looks when he laughs for a moment please? I mean look how happy he is, he never fails to me me smile or laugh when he laughs. Don’t get me started on the left boob grab because that shit is sexy as fuck 👌🏻😍


Daily Actor Appreciation: Jeremy Renner

b. Jan 7, 1971 in California, USA. (age 43)

For the past 19 years, Renner has played 41 characters in 51 titles, which total to 81 hours of aired television and movies.

He has 4 more titles set to release.


  1. William Brandt - Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
  2. Hawkeye - The Avengers
  3. Aaron Cross - The Bourne Legacy
  4. Hansel - Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
  5. Mayor Carmine Polito - American Hustle
  6. Det. Jason Walsh - The Unusuals

Guys, you get aproned Jeremy Renner for the last picture because, even thought here are plenty of pictures of Det. Walsh brandishing a gun, there are pictures of a weaponized every Jeremy Renner character. Also, there’s an episode of The Unusuals where he is topless, if not naked, for the entire episode, but you can see his biceps in the Hawkeye picture, and I’m really amused by the apron.

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