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Jeremy Renner confirms that Hawkeye will be returning for AVENGERS 4, which he will begin filming on next week!

The End Credits for Captain Marvel

Once everything that happens in the movie is done, (I’m assuming she’s in a coma or lost in space) we get a scene of a bunch of people in suits and clipboards, one (that is leading the group) is in a lab coat and they’re all walking down a hallway. Everything is very bright. The only thing that is dark is the men’s suits and sunglasses. Everything seems to be too perfect. We see dozens of rooms with labels on the doors. The men in suits start asking about various missions over the years. One of the men ask about the most recent mission and the man in the lab coat says: “Yes. Our most recent mission has been very successful. The aging process has worked perfectly.” Before opening a door at the end of a hallway. We see two people in these pods against the wall that look like cryogenic chambers. The camera pans closer to the two people in the pods and it’s revealed that they both look exactly alike. And on one of the chambers, we read the words “Clinton Francis Barton” as the man in the lab coat says “We will commence operation Hawk’s Eye very shortly.” Man in the opposite chamber’s face morphs. His skin turns green for a slip second before turning back to normal. Revealing that Hawkeye, is in fact, a Skrull sleeper agent in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This is absolutely not confirmed! This is just how I would end the movie and what I want for the end credits. This would also result in recasting Hawkeye because the real one has been frozen since the 90s.

So I think I’m in the same camp along with other fans who believe that Avengers 4 is at least partly tied in with the 2nd invasion of the Skrulls if not the entire plot (since Captain Marvel will involve the supposed 1st invasion, and I don’t think Thanos will be a major part of it, if at all since Josh Brolin is filming DP2 and his time would be limited, unless they filmed most of his scenes during infinity war).

Obviously they would need to make an Avenger (past or present) a skrull to increase the shock impact for audiences. I want them to have it turn out that Hawkeye has been a skrull (or Skrulleye) this whole time. In fact make his whole family skrulls too. Which would also still make sense. Barton mentions in Ultron that when he came to work for Fury they made a deal to keep his family safe. What if he was a Skrull defector along with his family, and Fury has known this all along. But when Skrulleye took on the identity of the missing Barton he didn’t exactly get the face down completely correct but close enough because no one really knew who he was, bc original Barton was a circus performer who had gone missing during the events of Captain Marvel. This would allow for a younger actor to play Hawkeye, the real Hawkeye, since Skrulleye couldnt get the face right. Plus it would explain why he wasn’t deaf. And this whole time actual Barton has been cryogenically frozen or in status or whatever, which has prevented him from aging the 20-30 years he’s been captured. Why did they pick a circus performer to impersonate? Idk they just did.

Then during Avengers 4 they could reintroduce actual Barton. Make him deaf like he’s supposed to be and all these other things he’s supposed to be. Because Marvel really dropped the ball on the MCU Hawkeye and Renner got screwed out of a great character. And while it’s too late for him, they could potentially salvage his character.

And like fuck it, make Black Widow a skrull too. Like when Skrulleye was sent to eliminate Skrull Widow he learned she was a skrull too, which is why he didnt kill her. But they keep this a secret from Fury, bc she claims she’s also a defector but doesn’t trust humans. So Skrulleye believes her and keeps her promise. But in reality Skrull Widow isn’t a defector but took her opportunity to gain Skrulleyes trust to infiltrate shield and learn everything about the defector and what he’s all he has revealed to shield about their race.

I realize this is like the last thing that will happen, at least the Hawkeye actor switch part. I still bet that either both Widow and Hawkeye will turn out to be skrulls or one of them will. Maybe not from the beginning but got replaced sometime after Civil War