jeremy renner [4]

Reblog if you wish to apologize to the cast of Avengers: Age of Ultron for the way they have been treated on the press tour for the movie.

We’re sorry guys. This must be a lot of stress on this tour and reporters have no right asking you ridiculous and offensive questions that do not pertain to promoting the movie.

I do not blame Evans and Renner for making that flippant and obviously joking response to that question. Mostly that is because it was an idiotic question about Black Widow’s sex life, so they gave an idiotic answer cause they were tired and were no no mood for that shit.

And FUCK Krishnan Guru-Murthy for so callously insulting Robert Downey Jr. with those personal questions. How dare he drag things like that into a promotional interview. RDJ has spoken on those issues in the past, but that does not mean you have free reign to drag those things out of him again. He had issues, we all know that. Do NOT disrespect the man for that cause he’s pulled himself back together again and reducing him back to it is degrading and insulting.