Reblog if you’ve ever imagined yourself being interviewed with the avengers cast as if you were apart of the movie

I feel like this will get no reblogs because I’ve always felt like I’m the only person who does this haha :)

Natasha: *walks in with watermelon*

Wanda: What are you doing?

Natasha: You said Clint got hurt on the farm. So I brought him a watermelon.

Wanda: Why?

Natasha: Clint loves watermelons.

Clint: *crying and hugging watermelon*

Sunday Nights

Scenario: Sam and Bucky embark on a grand adventure… to deliver the team’s takeout + plus a movie plot that seems like it was directed by a fever dream and Vision.

Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has added Sam, Bucky.

Clint: Where are you guys? Nat’s getting impatient, Vision’s being rather Vision-like which is always terrifying, and the popcorn supply is getting low.

Clint: And Peter’s really hungry.

Clint: We miss y'all but honestly, the kid needs to eat soon and Nat might just punch the wall – or maybe Vision if he doesn’t shut up about electrolytes – if she doesn’t get her Paella soon.

Bucky: we’re stuck in traffic.

Clint: You’re walking over, you filthy liar.

Bucky: the sidewalks are very crowded, clint.

Sam: Bucky’s like a sloth. Literally won’t power-walk at all.

Clint: Do you need directions?

Sam: Nah man, we’ve got this.

Clint: Okay, but my wrap is getting cold the longer you two take to arrive so hurry up.

Bucky: wow, the concern coming off you for us is so touching.

Sam: Y/N’s apartment is opposite that flower shop that Wanda likes, right?

Clint: … No.

Clint: The new place has a donut shop opposite it.

Bucky: … what’s the address again?

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Hey, Marvel I um-



“ give all credit to jeremy. he’s pretty cool. the funny thing about working with him is he’s such a normal guy and pretty silly. he comes in and makes a bunch of jokes in the monitor. and then we’d put him in and you call camera, he would just turn ice cold. we called him the precision instrument, because he could basically do anything. a thing i would practice for three months and there’s no way i could do, and jeremy would just do it perfectly, like a professional stuntman himself.”

 - jeff tomsic on jeremy renner in tag

I’m not ready for a world where Chris Evans is no longer Steve Rogers, a man out of time, but still just a kid from Brooklyn at heart. Where RDJ doesn’t encapsulate Tony Stark completely- both his eccentricity and vulnerability. Where Chris Hemsworth’s Thor doesn’t radiate sunshine when he smiles. Where Scarlett and Jeremy have yet to tell Natasha and Clint’s story of Budapest. And where Mark Ruffalo no longer shows the soft side of the hulk as Bruce-bear.

I can’t wait to follow the new wave of heroes across the MCU, but I’ll never be ready to give up the 6 who started it all.

Jeremy Renner Artwork Masterlist

All drawings are made by me! 
Some might link to my other profile DarcArt, so just to avoid confusion - A AM DARC ART! 

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Jermy Renner - Renner Sketch Sunday - Pencil

Jeremy Renner - Arm -  Renner Sketch Sunday - Pencil

Jeremy Renner - Tux - Renner Sketch Sunday - Pencil

Jeremy Renner - Young Renner with guitar -  Renner Sketch Sunday - Pencil

Jeremy Renner - Jenny’s Pick -  Renner Sketch Sunday - Pencil

Jeremy Renner - Jodi’s Pick - Renner Sketch Sunday - Pencil

Jeremy Renner - Smile - Renner Sketch Sunday - Pencil

Jeremy Renner - quick sketch-  Renner Sketch Sunday - Pencil

Jeremy Renner - Cory Lambert - Renner Sketch Sunday - Pencil

Jeremy Renner - Renner Sketch Sunday - Pencil

Jeremy Renner ‘Dahmer’ - Renner Sketch Sunday - Ballpoint pen Red & Blue

Jeremy Renner ‘Dags’ - Renner Sketch Sunday - Ballpoint pen Black

Jeremy Renner - Renner sketch sunday - Ballpoint pen Green

Jeremy Renner - Black and white - Faber Castell 9000 Graphite pencil.

Jeremy Renner - Colour - Faber Castell Polychromos and Promarkers

Jeremy Renner - Birthday drawing - Faber Castell 9000 Graphite pencil

Jeremy Renner - New Years drawing - Faber Castell 9000 Graphite pencil

Jeremy Renner - Valentines sketch - Faber Castell 9000 graphite pencil

Hawkeye - Sketch - Staedtler Pigment Liner

Robert Downey Jr adopting EVERYONE is what I live for

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