jeremy okai

concept: maggie works long hours filling out paperwork for her cases, and she ends up staying at the office until well into the night. kara also stays out late sometimes, flying around the city to keep watch when she can’t sleep. since maggie and alex started dating, kara makes sure she flies by maggie’s office just to check on her. whenever she sees maggie there working in the middle of the night, she always drops by with coffee. at first maggie is so shocked that she almost chokes on the lump in her throat, and kara is fiddling with her glasses saying, “oh, it’s nothing.” but then it becomes a sort of routine, and they grow closer and more comfortable with each other because of it. but some nights kara can’t make it because she’s out on supergirl duty, so she sends james. he walks in like, “kara is busy but she wanted to make sure you got your coffee tonight,” and sits with a stunned maggie for awhile while she works. and then one night winn shows up with coffee AND donuts because how can you have one without the other? the three of them start rotating who goes on what night, and maggie can’t believe it. she even starts to look forward to her late nights because she knows one of them will show up to keep her company. all that time she’d spent worrying about them accepting her after she started dating alex, and all it really took was little danvers, and a simple cup of coffee.

the first thing jean ever sends to the trojans group chat is a ten-second video of a drunk jeremy dancing around the dorm as he lip-synchs to kylie’s your disco needs you, which then cuts to jean, wordlessly holding up an alarm clock that reads 03:23 am

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five minutes with me ever: yes, you love Jeremy Dooley, we know, you love Jeremy Dooley so much, you love him so much, you just love Jeremy Dooley, we KNOW, you love Jeremy God Damn Dooley ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE JEREMY DOOLEY. WE GET IT.
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: space ranger partners space ranger partners space ranger partners space ranger partners space ranger partners space ranger partners space ranger partners space ranger partners space ranger partners space ranger
Achievement Hunter as kids from my Philosophy class

Geoff: EVERYBODY SHUT THE HELL UP, I can’t focus on being depressed with all of you shouting at the same time

Jack: okay everybody, we’re building a fucking fort out of our chairs. Adam, get the scotch tape!

Jeremy: OKAY Y’ALL LISTEN TO MY RAP ABOUT EDGAR ALLAN POE…oh fuck wait I forgot the beat :(

Michael: Someone dare me to eat this whole Bundt cake!! I’ll FUCKING DO IT!!!

Gavin: do you think Ghandi studies about us in heaven?

Lindsay: “Miss Collinway, you better be doing your essay and not looking up some damn video of a Siamese cat” but mISTER ANDrews, did you know that technically they’re called THAI CAT!??!

Ryan: look here’s a picture of that caterpillar I found underneath my bed. i placed it in a box in my room. I named it Bob. I love Bob. ANDY SHUT UP, Bob is better tHAN YOU!

Trevor: shhhh shut the fuck up, I’m trying to throw peeps into Donny’s backpack without him noticing. wHY you ask? BECAUSE I CAN!

Matt: so I built a mini replica of the Addams Family’s house with a bunch of leftover superglue. does it look okay? should i add more windows???

Let's Play - Uno: The Movie
  • Jeremy: [doesn't call uno]
  • Geoff: Challenged it!
  • Gavin: You didn't call uno.
  • Geoff: You dumb bitch!
  • Jeremy: Wait what?
  • Geoff: You forgot to call uno, you idiot!
  • Jeremy: You call uno?
  • Geoff: You have to! You have to hit X. Ah, you suck!
  • Jeremy: Okay.
  • ...
  • Geoff: Jeremy, I'm sorry. I got a little overenthusiastic with the insults there.

Fake AH Crew Jack Pattillo is so good.

Jacklyn Pattillo who got fucking sick of getting passed over for jobs for being a woman. Jack Pattillo who found out at 16 that she could never have kids of her own because of some horrible fluke of nature. Who started going by Jack when she was around 20 cause she was sick of losing out on things and people treated her like a boy half the time anyway so why not. 

Jack Pattillo who worked as an RN for YEARS because she just wanted to help heal people. She met Geoff working Emerge when he came in at like 4 am covered in major abrasions and limping on a shattered ankle. She doesn’t ask what happened because she knows who he is, she’s done work for the LS gangs on the side for extra money, she’s heard tell of Solo Heister Geoff Ramsey and she knows someone crashed through a window at the bank downtown that night because they keep the news on in the Emerge waiting room, she knows what breaking through a second story window and hitting the ground, even at a roll, can do to you. Jack fixes him up though, puts butterfly bandages on his cheeks and nose where the cuts are smaller, and stitches shut the bigger wounds on his arms and chest. She calls the doctor on call to set his ankle, and stands by watching as he works. As Geoff leaves he slips a card into the pocket of Jack’s scrubs on the sly, it’s got a phone number, a name, and an address.

So she goes by, this is before Geoff is big time, before the Fakes have banded together, at least a year before their golden boy flies over from England, fleeing for his life, almost two before they find Ray and the Vagabond roaming the streets of Los Santos. Jack gets the job immediately. Geoff tells her he needs a partner, especially one with medical know how, he tells her he’s got a spare bedroom in his kinda shitty apartment, and he can’t pay her much yet, but he’ll get there soon, he knows it. 

Jack Pattillo, who finds most of the other Crew members, dragging them into her and Geoff’s ever growing apartments to patch up and feed. It starts with Gavin. Jack is casing a joint, she’s sweet looking and chubby, no one sees her as a possible threat. She’s about to get back into her car when she sees him stumbling down the street. Gav clearly hasn’t eaten properly in days, maybe even weeks, all his spare money went into buying a plane ticket here. Jack approaches him, her hand hovering over the back pocket of her shorts where her knife is, just in case, and she asks him if he’s alright, he looks at her like a kicked dog and she’s struck by him, by just how young he really is, he looks like he’s barely more than 17, so Jack takes him by the arm and leads him to her car. Geoff is about to blow a gasket at this random kid being brought into his house like Jack what the fuck babe? Who is this kid he could fucking kill us! And Jack gives him that look, the most protective af Mama Bear look and half-carries Gavin into their spare bedroom and sits him down, she cleans him up and gives him one of Geoff’s tank tops left over from when he was in the army to put on instead of his grimy bloody t-shirt. She patches up the little cuts and sets a few gnarled broken fingers after rebreaking them with as much care as possible. She bustles, and that’s the only way to describe how she moves when she’s focused, out into the kitchen and makes some broth for Gav with some small frozen veggies and a bit of shredded chicken, and feeds it to him until he croaks out that he can’t eat anymore, and then she tucks him up in the bed and sets a glass of water on the bedside table and a note letting him know where things in the apartment are. (Geoff never realized before that night just how much he loved and treasured Jack.)
She finds Michael not long after, an angry boy, running away from his New Jersey Mob family, a trans boy, too fucked up in his father’s eyes to get to stay around so he hopped ship to Los Santos in the middle of the night, enough money for gas and some shitty rest stop snacks, but he makes it, and hears whispers of the Gang Nurse Jack Pattillo on the streets, and prays she can help him get on T. He seeks her out, learning her favourite haunts from people on the street, and approaches her. She can tell he wants help before he even asks, so she asks him his name, where he’s from, doesn’t question when the feminine face tells her his name is Michael, calls Geoff in advance telling him not to be a dick when they get there, tells him she found another kid, she gets a fond groan and a promise to behave. She gets Michael on T within the week, books him into a therapy appointment not long after, just in case. 
Jack Pattillo who’s starting to become a Mom anyway. 

Ray and the Vagabond come next, she finds them on the same day, Ray first, then Ryan. She picks Ray up because she notices the blood on his face, and the blood seeping through his sweater sleeve where he was branded for trying to leave another gang. She pulls him in and takes him home. Patches him up, cleans up the brand, tells him that if he takes good care of it it’ll heal alright, and Geoff knows a guy that can do a mean cover up tattoo, and she leaves him with her other boys to go do another “Door Step Check” (Geoff called them that after they got Gav, Jack was like the women running an orphanage, taking in the children left behind). Sure enough she finds Ryan, half-way dead and all the way traumatised from his own last gang. She and Geoff are in the process of moving to another bigger place, she takes Ryan there, patches him up as best she can, makes him some food and gets him to eat it, shows the Vagabond the first real love he’s gotten since he left his mom back in Georgia. She stays with him in the quiet of the new place for a few days, nursing him back to half strength, and very quiet tales of what he left behind (a vow in the back of her head to get Geoff to deal with those fuckers), and she slowly starts integrating the others in, first Geoff and Ray, because each is so calm on a whole, then Michael and Gavin last, because as much as she loves her boys the two of them together are a hurricane force. Ryan loosens up as the house comes to life, talks a little more, eats much more. One afternoon he asks Jack if she can take him into a garden center to pick something out for his room, and that’s when she knows for certain he’ll be okay. 
Then she found Jeremy, on the run, scared for his life, leaving behind bad jobs and an even worse childhood. She finds his shivering under a thin coat one night in mid-January, it might not get freezing in LS but it gets cold enough. She offers him a bed and some hot food and he jumps at it, she helps him up into the penthouse, another stray for her mismatched family. With a goodnight’s sleep, a shower and some food Jeremy is holding his own with Gavin’s energy in no time flat.

Jeremy’s the first one that calls her mom. It was late a few weeks after she brought him home, her little family finally feeling really complete, she’s sitting up with Geoff, cuddling on the couch watching some nonsense on TV, when she hears distressed noises from Jeremy’s room, she disentangles herself and makes a beeline for his door, letting herself in quietly. She moves slowly and carefully to the bed, where Jeremy is sitting straight up, sweating and crying. Jack sits next to him and pulls him into her arms so his head rests over her heart, and she just comforts him, mumbling gentle words of reassurance to him until he’s calm enough to breathe easy. And Jeremy gives her a watery smile and tells her she’s the best mom in the world, and hugs her as tight as he can, and if she cried happy tears into Geoff’s shoulder that night when they went to bed he won’t tell. The other Lads take up the affectation in no time, Gav wondering why he never thought of it in the first place, but after that he changes her contact in his phone to Mum and when the Lads give her gifts at Christmas they’re always addressed to ‘Mom’ or ‘Queen Mum’ because Gavin thinks she’s the Queen of all Moms. Ryan never picks it up, since they’re closer in age, but starts calling her Jacky like Geoff does, and always gives her a bouquet of Peonies on Mother’s day to recognize her status as Mom of Four.

Jack never thought she’d have a family of her own, and now she has four adopted sons, a goofy husband, and the brother she never thought she’d have. And she loves all of them more than anything