jeremy nell

Okay this Jeremy and Evan stepbrothers au

But imagine Evans boyfriend, Connor, coming over to hang with Evan and meeting and bonding with Jeremy and Michael over weed lmao. Like Evans all ‘Jeremy my moms gonna smell it you can’t smoke in here’ and Connors like 'Well you guys can come smoke with me at my house’ and Evans just kinda 'Connor, babe, no!!!’ And Connors like 'cOnNoR, bAbE, nO!1!’
Wanna Be My Player Two? (Boyf Riends)

[Chapter 2]

Category: M/M
Fandom: Be More Chill - Iconis/Tracz
Characters: Jeremy Heere, Michael Mell
Relationships: Jeremy Heere/Michael Nell

In which Jeremy and Michael are in a generic sleepover.


They were both still on his bedroom floor, completely silent and they somehow seem content with that. They could do this anytime they wanted, anywhere they wanted, and they weren’t pressured to be cool or not cool or even anything. They could just be themselves.

“So what do you wanna do now?” Michael asked

“Watch cartoons ‘till we pass out from exhaustion?”

“Sounds good to me.”