jeremy michael

There is an alternate universe where the king of Los Santos is Haywood. His name brings fear to all that hear it, as it brings a looming darkness with it wherever it goes. He’s a master manipulator that has coerced enemies into submission with just a threat, and he isn’t afraid to have his men make good on that threat.

There is an alternate universe where his right hand is Dooley. A cold, calculating young man with a bite worse than his bark. He has an unassuming height and nature, but don’t underestimate him. He has gotten to the top of the ranks without much trouble, and could go much farther if he wanted to.

There is an alternate universe where Collins is their frontman. The Boy of Los Santos, let alone the Fakes. Vague words and a beautiful smile is all he needs to leave a man crippled, but when those two fail you can bet that he has a knife ready to draw blood. He is more than just a pretty face, everyone would do wise to remember that.

There is an alternate universe where if there’s an explosion, Pattillo is bound to be near. Her cackling echos over the sirens from the police pursuing her as always. Despite her calm and motherly appearance, she can easily be rowdy and uncontrollable, and can do a lot of damage with a sledgehammer.

There is an alternate universe where if Pattillo’s out making trouble, Ramsey is almost always close by. A troublemaker and an instigator, he’s ready to start a fight and let others finish it. If he’s not with Pattillo, he’s huddled inside, hunched over a computer as he works to break into a building’s security system.

There is an alternate universe where the man that makes entire crews quake in their boots is Bragg. While he looks like he couldn’t break a pencil, he has broken everything from fingers to necks at Haywood’s request. He dangerous and deadly, known for torturing men for days on end without break, mercy, or remorse.

There is an alternate universe where the man working behind the scenes is Free. He is a savant with vehicles, both on the ground and in the sky. He’s the crew’s personal mechanic, readying getaway vehicles for the  next heist or simply just replacing broken windshields and mending bulletholes after a deadly run-in. If he’s not fixing vehicles, he’s in the air, piloting a plane or helicopter with skill during a heist.

There is an alternate universe where the crew’s help from above are from the Joneses. The two best snipers in Los Santos, hidden in tall buildings or on rooftops, always ready to be the cause of someone’s abrupt end at life. They never miss their target, and if they do, the other can quickly correct the mistake before anyone had a chance to notice it.

There is an alternate universe where this is the Fake AH Crew, and they are as formidable as this universe’s.