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This is my Christmas Truce gift for casepsart! You wanted Sam’s grandma and parents from before she was born, but i didn’t draw her grandma, i’m sorry T_T
So, in the top picture I’m sure you recognize your designs from that one comic you did (i’d add a link but i’m on the app orz). The bottom one is Pamela from when I was designing her, but I like yours a lot better. XD Sorry it’s late and not colored and stuff, but I hope you had a merry Christmas and have a happy New Year!!!!!!

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Serial killers are like spiders. They’re monsters that hunt their victims or lure them into their web and kill them. A spider’s purpose on this planet is to aid in keeping the insect population under control. So is a serial killer’s purpose to aid in keeping the human population under control? 

i’ve not yet built up the courage to see a video of jeremy when he was manson but like, just from images i’ve seen, he’s like… dead in the eyes

Mansons - DP

He meant well, he really did, but there were only so many times he could ground and consequence the girl before coming to the end of his rope. The stress of not knowing where his daughter was and what she was doing lead to a lack of sleep, which spiraled into more stress. And after this latest misadventure resulted in Sam being brought home well after midnight by the police for the fifth time, Jeremy Manson lost it. 

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