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11. I’ve only been to two arenas, but I’d have to go with Nationwide. It’s got a great set up and from buying the cheapest student seats to splurging now that I’ve got a real job~ there’s not a bad seat in the place, just good and better seats.

16. I’m biased because Braden Holtby is one of my favorite players in general, but yeah 💖

31. @stevenstamkos is the queen of rarepairs and world building (and my fav blog) so now I’m really here for Philippe Myers/Jeremy Lauzon and Pierre-Luc Dubois/Julien Gauthier

» May I shrink to dust
In your cold, wild Wastes,
And may my tongue speak
Its last hymn to your winds. «

this fanmix is for lithlad​, because I just really like her and she deserves lots of nice things!  I didn’t intend to make this so… epic? it just happened. But I hope it’s not a bad thing. I had fun creating this, and picture was pain in the ass to edit but oh, I tried (image credit goes to @aprettygaymeridek / picture)

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1. Nara / E.S. Posthumus
2. El Dorado / Two Steps From Hell
3. Unbroken Road / Jeremy Soule
4. Morrowind Remix (Original Title VS Nerevar Rising Rescore)
5. The Shatterdome / Ramin Djawadi
6. Selisona Pi / E.S. Posthumus
7. Drumbeat Of The Dunmer / Jeremy Soule
8. Uprising / Luc St-Pierre
9. Face On / 菅野よう子
10. In Hushed Whispers / Trevor Morris
11. Icarus (Main Theme) / Michael McCann