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1/3 Hi! All this Jeremy Lin talk has me thinking abt the evolution of cultural appropriation on tumblr. (For context/accountability I am half Asian half black, Caribbean American.) it used to be that as long as you were engaging respectfully, it was fine. But now CA criticisms seem to have become essentialist, prizing cultural nationalism above solidarity, w no context mattering at all. It honestly seems like an excuse not to engage w other ppl’s cultures and I’m torn as to who to listen to.

Lin wrote abt honestly engaging w black ppl, businesses and history. He didn’t ~get a pass~ he was invited in by a community. One of the original arguments against CA was that it took $ out of the pockets of communities who created it, but he got his hair done by a black stylist w a black friend after talking to many black people and being very transparent about his journey. He did everything traditional CA commentary recommends but still upset many. Is there just no room to share w each other?

I sympathize w Martin’s response but was stressed by the underlying anti-Asian sentiments. In the Caribbean Asian and black ppl have been learning and building w each other forever. I don’t see how, by any definition, Lin engaged in CA. I’m not particularly miffed by Martin’s tattoo, but am seeing a lot of ppl mad that Lin pointed it out when I think it was a fair point to make. Martin could have learned the language and lived in the country but by his own logic he wants to be Asian…


I sort of have that same issue with CA as well. And then the same people who call out CA are the same ones who give passes to certain people and celebrities lol. It’s selectively hypocritical. You see, I come from a very diverse community too so our take on CA is pretty similar.

My ethnicity is Mien and over here, the Mien community has built connections with the Laos community and the Chinese community. It’s pretty common to see a Mien person(s) at Laos parties, groupings, and etc. The same thing at Chinese parties, groupings, and etc. It’s also common for Mien people to cook “Mien versions” of Laos or Chinese food and vice-versa. You can also find Laos or Chinese folks who can speak Mien or understand it. Even some of our traditions are influenced by each other.

The same thing can be said about the Chinese community and the Vietnamese community; they’re very well-integrated with each other. It’s normal over here and no one cares. We’re not put into “boxes” nor made to feel like this person can only do this or that person can only do that. Now you might think it must be easy because we’re all Asian and I guess we’re “all are the same” right?

Nope. I know of small groupings of Laos and Black people that have established a sort of mini-community too. I also know of small groupings of Filipino and Black people that have done the same. They influence and share each other’s foods and cultures and it’s normal within these specific groupings lol. You read that right, it’s normal.

BUT at the same time, the problem with small communities is that they’re not representative of the larger community. The larger community often has no knowledge that these smaller communities exist. There are definitely Asian and Black communities that have established relationships with one another here and there, as you mentioned in the Caribbean. But in the US as a whole, we haven’t done that. As a whole, Asian Americans and Black people don’t know much about each other. I know it’s a little harsh to say that but it’s the truth. And I don’t mean this in any negative way, I’m just pointing it out.

So to go back on the issue between Lin and Martin, I don’t think either of them are trying to be Black or Asian. I think this could’ve been an opportunity for some dialogue but to be honest, it felt very one-sided. While I can definitely criticize what Martin said, I just feel like so many people came to Lin’s defense. It got to a point where Martin had to apologize when he wasn’t even in the wrong. I just felt like Martin got pushed out of his own conversation. And we all know this happens quite often with Black people.

Like I understand your concerns and what was said to Lin and why so many people defended him. But I just can’t find it in me to take Lin’s side, you know. Of course I don’t think any less of Lin, I think he’s a great inspiration but I just can’t in this situation. Sure Martin could’ve left some things out but I think it’s important to understand why he called Lin out. It’s not just about hair, it’s much bigger than that.

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What are your thoughts on the Jeremy Lin /Kenyon Martin beef and cultural appropriation ?

For Lin’s side, I do understand what he’s trying to say. In my opinion, I think that getting Chinese letters IS appropriative if you’re not connected to Chinese culture in any form. It’s like me getting a tattoo of your language and rocking it out like it’s cool while your people are discriminated and made fun of. It’s a slap in the face. And I believe in China, tattoos were stigmatized until pretty recently.

However, there are some differences once we visit America’s side. I know tons and tons of Chinese Americans. Half of the community I come from is pretty much made up of Chinese Americans and Chinese immigrants. My point is that many Chinese Americans, at least the ones I know, are not stigmatized for getting Chinese tattoos. Maybe by their parents or families sure, but society as a whole? I’m not so sure about that.

Whereas for Black people, (and I hope I’m not speaking over anyone) they’re stigmatized, shamed, and often sent home from work or school simply for having hair that is deemed “inappropriate.” We’ve all seen those videos of teachers banning and kicking Black children out of school for their hair - hair that is natural which they were literally born with, I might add. So you see the difference here? Not only that but the stigmatization of Black people’s natural hair is only one issue that is part of a larger system of anti-black racism. It’s not just about hair.

I support Lin in general but I can’t support his appropriation of Black people. K Martin is right for calling Lin out.

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I personally think the worse part was Jeremy lin's second statement to reporters was his whole "my black friend said it was fine" "we need to focus on more important issues" "maybe black people should stop just focusing on black issues and include other people too" but people gave him props because he "spoke nice" while also giving him a pass for his micoragressions and antiblackness while demonzing martin by throwing racial slurs and tone policing his disappointment minus a few AsAm on twitter.

Oh definitely.

I didn’t read all of Lin’s statements but I went through some of the reactions. What personally annoyed me was that some Asian Americans were praising Lin for “firing back” at K Martin but it’s like dude. Lin was the one that was at fault for appropriating Black people. You’re not in a position to “fire back” at someone if you’re in the wrong. That’s just how I see it anyway.

But I hope Lin takes into consideration to what K Martin said and hopefully they have a deeper conversation about all this. And he needs to leave Black people’s hair/styles alone.

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