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Mini Review Time: Supergirl

Okay so I just finished watching the leaked pilot for Supergirl (which I don’t feel so bad about cause it was probs the studio who leaked it anyway and this post is exactly what they were hoping would happen). First I want to just put out there that I think this show is so so important for representation purposes, as well as a contrast with my personal vendetta against any superman related visual media (because, before now, it has all sucked). So, I thoroughly enjoyed the pilot. The whole show was one of those moments where I was like, “I can’t believe they’re putting all these classic Superman/superhero moments in a show about a female superhero!” It was awesome! And I’m a sucker for Superman cliches so maybe it worked on me better than it would’ve on others who aren’t as familiar with that world. But honestly I don’t think so. At it’s core, it’s just a really entertaining hour of TV. As other people noticed from the trailer, it has that bubbly enthusiastic tone that The Flash did (Berlanti’s got a style apparently), although there are some darker, emotional moments too. And something I’ve noticed with The Flash and Arrow is that you can pick those shows apart, point out every predictable plot point or lack of continuity, but at some point there is a moment where you have to sit back and enjoy all the things the superhero genre has to offer. And when you do that, the shows get infinitely more entertaining. 

Melissa Benoist was absolutely perfect as Kara. That’s it. Fact. Let’s move on.

I really loved the way they interpreted Kara’s origin story, especially because it has a lot of feminist connotations of her destiny being tied to Kal-El’s (who is a dude) initially but now she has to learn how to become her own hero, create her own destiny, etc. But I did think they moved a little too quickly through the “unhappy with her normal life” bit and into her very clear decision to become Supergirl. Which is the nature of these shows, I guess. That’s how The Flash went. But I think it can be touched on a little more in the future as the show goes on. Again, it’s just the pilot, I think this show has a lot of room to grow.

One other little thing I liked was the subtle introduction of pretty classic Superman/Supergirl villains, but in the context of them being good guys. Spoiler Alert! Hank Henshaw is traditionally Cyborg Superman and Winslow Schott (Jeremy Jordan) is the Toyman (which just makes me not even able to look at his gross gross face).But I’m assuming they’re saving the reveal of those characters for certain moments, and I think that could be super (see what I did there) cool. Anyway, lots of stuff to talk about. Bottom line: this show is just as entertaining, if not more so, in the first episode as any of the other prime time superhero shows. Watch it now, watch it in the Fall on CBS, whatever you want to do. But if you’re a fan of superhero TV at all, you definitely need to check it out.


Jeremy Jordan, Ben Platt, Leslie Odom Jr, Joshua Henry, Christopher Fitzgerald, and Walter Bobbie perform The Cell Block Tango at Miscast 2015 on March 30th [x]