jeremy is all my life


• that moment when you wake up and first thing you do is see your mum with the biggest smile on your face and and she just looks at you with a blank expression (clearly ignoring that blank expression) I ask her do you know what day it is today? She replies with “yeah a Thursday”
Me: Erm no what’s the date?
Hooyo: the 17th of March, where are you going with this conversation?
Me: I’m sorry have you forgotten that you gave birth to a daughter on this day years ago?
Hooyo: Oh I thought that was in May?
Me: Wait, are you telling me I’ve lived a lie all my life? What’s the number for Jeremy Kyle? We’re going on his talk show.
Hooyo: I’m just joking! Happy birthday! 🍀
Me: walks away slowly confused.
#africanmamas #imsureitwasajoke #birthdayvibes

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