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My latest animation is up! The secret’s these guys keep!


Sketches done while watching Off Topic today. I’m usually at work but I had surgery yesterday so I’m at home recovering.

First are Michael and Lindsay, then I took a pass at one of the character’s from Jeremy’s book “Go Nitro” (available on Amazon, go buy it).

These were quick sketches so they aren’t the greatest I’ve ever done, but I am getting faster, which is the point of these and my lunch sketches. So yay progress!

Pathetic - Trevor/Ryan

Summary: Ryan makes his own change of plans during a heist and potentially puts the crew in more danger. Trevor is furious once they get back, and he lets his biggest secret slip out.
Characters: Ryan Haywood, Trevor Collins, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Jeremy Dooley, Matt Bragg, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo
Pairing(s): Ryan Haywood x Trevor Collins, implied Gavin Free x Michael Jones
Word Count: 790
Warnings: lots of angst, lots of swearing
A/N: So hey, here’s the first fic on this page! This was just a small warm up so it’s nothing too fancy. If you want a part 2 then let me know! Enjoy!

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