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Jack: *breaking the fourth wall* If anybody needs a day off, it’s Davey. He has a lot of things to sort out before he graduates. He can’t be wound up this tight and go to college. His roommate will kill him.

Davey: *Singing in the most dramatic manner* When David was in Egypt’s land, Let my David go

Jack: *still breaking the fourth wall* Pardon my French, but Davey is so tight that if you stuck a lump of coal up his ass, in two weeks you’d have a diamond.


Jeremy being reckless as hell, and Michael having none. Of. It.
Jeremy likes to lean over railings to try and get a better view and michael freaks out and grabs at him JEREMIAH HEERE YOU GET DOWN FROM THERE OR I SWEAR TO GOD. Michael and Jeremy went on a ferris wheel ONCE and michael has sworn to never do it again because JEREMIAH HEERE KEPT ROCKING THE FUCKING SEAT


Risograph Poster for book Providence (sunday) WIPEOUT #3 release at ADA Books in the summer of 2017. The issue was a big oversized, about “treasury-sized” Comics Anthology with digitally printed, risographed and screenprinted components. Featuring pieces by Malachy Hopkins, Zachary Kemp, Caitlin Cali, Marc Pearson, Mimi Chrzanowski, Ryan Alves, MOL, Dailen Williams, Jeremy Ferris, Allison Rutsch and Walker Mettling. Edited by Walker Mettling. At the release we had a blow out turn out with screen printing and booths and a screening of an old anti-comics TV expose’.

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) over the summer, jeremy and michael go to an amusement park and make it their mission to ride EVERY rollercoaster, and they eat cotton candy and ice cream and they have a fantastic day, and then when it’s getting really late and it’s almost time to leave, michael DRAGS jeremy to the ferris wheel (and jeremy’s like nonononono you know i don’t like ferris wheels) but michael BEGS HIM so jeremy can’t resist and it’s fine but then it stops when they’re at the VERY TOP and jeremy’s FREAKIN OUT and michael’s like “yo, calm down, just look at me and don’t focus on the height” and then jeremy looks in his eyes and they just sit there for a second staring into each other’s eyes and it’s really gay and then they just like, lean in and they’re about to kiss, and then the ferris wheel JOLTS to a start and the moment is brutally murdered and hey does anyone want to write/draw this

Be More Chill Adopted Jeremy AU: Up, Up and Away

“Why are we coming back here?” Jeremy asked as he looked around the festival. Michael was absentmindedly juggling two of the apples he grabbed on the way out his house this morning. Jeremy’s eyes were intently focused on the fruit as Michael handed one to him. “Are you performing again?”

“Nah not today.”


“But, I did bring a hat!” Michael pulled out the hat he had in his bag and Jeremy stared at it confused as he bit into his apple. “And in this hat I can create,” Michael waved his right hand over the hat before quickly removing it and two pigeons flew out making Jeremy’s eyes widen as he dropped the apple he had been previously eating.

“Did…did you create life?!”


“The birds! I knew you could practice magic but life is amazing! How-?!” Jeremy continued to ramble on about magic and Michael couldn’t bring himself to tell Jeremy that it was just a trick. Instead he guided Jeremy over towards the ferris wheel line. Jeremy only noticed as he stopped and stared at the carnival ride in awe. “What’s that?”

“You don’t know what that is?”

“No. Why are people on it? That doesn’t look safe.”

“It’s a ferris wheel dude. It’s a ride that you have fun on and stuff.”

“That looks absolutely terrifying.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not that scary. I’ll go up with you.” Jeremy still looked unsure before Michael pulled out a food coupon. “And then I’ll buy you anything you want to eat.”

“Oooo, anything?” Brooke asked looking over the coupon. “Like-”

“Fro yo?” The rest of the group asked in unison already knowing what the blonde would suggest.

“I don’t think food is worth that death trap,” Christine said nervously looking over the ferris wheel.

“But we’d also be sitting right next to Michael,” Jenna added looking between the two boys.

“That and I saw a caramel apple stand. I don’t really know what caramel is, it must be good if it’s on apples.”

“I say we go all out and tried fried butter on a stick.”

“Rich that is the single most disgusting thing that’s ever come out of your mouth.” Chloe made a disgusted noise as the group continued arguing over what to do and before Jeremy realized it both he and Michael were in a ferris wheel chair. The bar came down and they began to move upwards.

Scrunching his eyes shut Jeremy squirmed as he felt them get higher and higher. He only opened his eyes when he felt Michael’s hand slide on his. “Dude it’s okay, you’re fine.”

“I-I’ve never been this high off the ground. I can’t look, what if I fall?” Jeremy tried closing his eyes again but Michael hell’s his hand and leaned forward slightly.

“The view’s the best part. You can see everything. I promise you won’t fall.” Jeremy listened to Michael and saw they were best the top of the ride looking down on the whole festival. Jeremy almost gasped as he in the view making Michael smile. “Cool huh?”.

“Wow, I can-,” the kart they were in jerked slightly as the ride halted making Jeremy freeze in fear as he immediately feels Michael’s hand tighter. “What’s happening?!”

“They stopped the ride to let other people on.”

“How long are we gonna be up here?”

“Just a few minutes, usually.” Jeremy was reassured slightly but he still held Michael tightly afraid to let go.


“Yeah, he came in earlier.” The brunette woman at the front festival gate said as there two men showed her a picture of Jeremy. “He was with another boy-Michael Mell,” pulling out a pamphlet she handed it to one of the men and pointed to the pictures on the front, “he usually performs by the fried butter stand but it’s his day off. If you want I-,” the two men had disappeared mid-sentence leaving the girl alone, “could…talk…to…him…or you could walk away. I guess that works too. Jerks.”

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Jeremy/Trevor? Angsty like Trevor's first time kidnapped!

“I’m no negotiator, but I can save those people.”

It was terribly ironic when LSPD calls on The Fakes. But it happens more than is let on, and it always centers around the precedent ‘You’re working with the wrong side.’. That’s what happens when you’re the best at what you do. And sometimes to stop a criminal, you have to think like a criminal.

Minutes ago Jeremy watched Trevor’s back as he entered the bank, slowly and hands up, the bold letters LSPD printed across the shoulder blades of the kevlar.

Oh how he wishes he could be there.

It’s painful, being so close but so fucking helpless. Switching between pacing and rocking and screaming and biting his nails. Ripping the coms from his ears and then pressing them closer. Asking way too many questions and being heartbreakingly silent. Absent. Useless. Crying.

“…Are you okay?” Jeremy mumbles solemnly into the mic. It takes a few seconds for a response, like always, but he’s still not used to it.

“I’m fine,” Trevor’s voice whispers coarsely into Jeremy’s ear. His heart sinks deeper, Trevor sounds like he’s nervous.

“It’s been three minutes Tre,” Jeremy sniffles. “What’s the time.”

The pause grows longer. He can hear a faint fidgeting in the background before the reply, “About a minute and a half left…”

Jeremy’s breath is caught in his throat. Tears start misting his vision. He covers the mic before Trevor can hear the sobs and coughs and hiccups pour out of him.

“It’s just a little harder to do this with a pistol to my head, yknow? It’ll be fine hun,” Trevor reassures. “I’ll come back to you just… don’t go quiet. Please… Jerm?”

Now Jeremy’s on a delay. He tries to pull himself together before speaking again, “T- Trevor?” his voice trembles and breaks. “You’re the best at what you do, right?”

“Of course!” Trevor chuckles. “This… It’s not my first bomb. It’s what I was trained for.” He swallows hard, a shaky breath trailing off the end of his sentence. “Jeremy?” He says suddenly.


“Remember when I met you? And you hated my guts?”

Jeremy’s fingertips become numb. “Don’t do this Trevor… just concentrate.”

“Just tell me you remember,” The urgency in Trevor’s voice heeds a warning. “Please… Don’t you? You hated me. Like a lot. You thought Geoff was replacing you or something; you were so upset,” he sighed fondly. “And then Ryan took us to the fair, and abandoned us by the ferris wheel? You remember?”

“…I remember Tre.”

“That’s good…,” Trevor breathed.

A blanket of silence fell over the conversation. With every second Jeremy prayed Trevor was simply concentrating. He concluded it would be pretty clear when something went wrong, but he couldn’t tell if the fact was comforting or terrifying.

“You remember our second visit to the ferris wheel?” Jeremy said slowly, so as not to disturb him. “Like two years later right? It stopped with us at the top.”

“It was like fate, Jeremy,” Trevor hummed quietly. “Keep telling me about it.”

“I was so nervous but, it was a sign. I had to ask you,” Jeremy laughed. For a brief second he heard Trevor giggle on the other end. “I’m… how are you?” The returning static lasted longer than usual.

And then the com light turned red. “Trevor…?”

“Trevor please…”

“Did you disarm it?”

Adrenaline clouded Jeremy’s consciousness. He tumbled out of the white van and turned to look at the bank. Dozens of hostage civilians and employees filed out, but not one of them headed his way. Not a single one looked like Trevor.

He also couldn’t see any of the abductors.

Well over two minutes lapsed and Jeremy fell to his knees. He didn’t understand, the bomb never went off…

What happened? Where did he go?

What did they do to him?