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When we last talked to Jeremy, he was living a relatively stable life making imaginary gold in World Of Warcraft and then selling it for real-life money. In a turn of events that literally everyone involved should have seen coming, the game’s parent company started clamping down. That company – Blizzard – doesn’t like any gaming marketplace that doesn’t cut them in.

WOW had actually been slowly but surely losing players for years, and farmers like Jeremy were already hurting. A new expansion called Legion was expected to be a huge draw for new players, though, and it was – big time. However, it included some new features and rule changes that intentionally screwed the world’s hard-working gold farmers.

A year or so ago, Jeremy could sell gold for about $0.30 per 1,000 gold (which you’ll note is a higher exchange rate than many actual foreign currencies get), but that price has effectively been cut in half. This predictably sent the market into chaos.

“February was the last straw,” Jeremy lamented. “I logged on to sell my haul of gold, and I found that it had gone down by half. I think my heart stopped.” Jeremy seized a bit and sold what he had, only to watch prices soar back up to 50 percent above their norm. “If I waited I would have made a killing. Now I couldn’t afford rent. 

5 Hard Lessons After Spending A Decade Farming Gold On WoW

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Zumba anon again and i just wanted to say today i went on a tour of my niece's preschool and the teacher was talking about how they take the kids on a field trip to an apple farm and she was gushing abt how sweet and amazing the apple farmer is anD OMFG TEACHER!MIKEY AND FARMER!JEREMY AU

hhhhHHHHHH anon im gonna have an asthma attack this is so cute. can you just. imagine the mutual pining in this scenario 

  • simple apple farmer Jeremy Heere with a long time crush on Michael Mell, the lovely preschool teacher who always takes his classes for trips to the farm. Jeremy is so gone on him and how he’s soft and how his kids adore him and how good he looks in his button ups. fellow farmer Rich thinks he needs a raise for doing the added work of listening to Jeremy moon over Michael who is so sweet and smart and funny and Jeremy is so gone on him. but oh, he’s just Jeremy with the apples. there’s no way Michael would ever be interested.
  • ON THE FLIP SIDE, simple preschool teacher Michael Mell with a long time crush on Jeremy Heere, witty and grounded apple farmer. nobody ever brings up that Michael could totally bring his preschool class to other places. Michael’s Class Goes To The Apple Farm, This Conversation Is Over, Chloe. Jeremy is an angel with the kids and the kids always enjoy. so really if Michael gets to see Jeremy with his shirt sleeves rolled up, a streak of dirt here and there, well, that’s just an added bonus, yeah?
  • THE POSSIBILITIES FOR THIS ARE ENDLESS, ANON. they bump into each other around town and make awkward, halting small talk both desperately dancing around the fact that theyre heart eyes over each other 24/7. 
  • one day one of Michael’s kids totally asks if Michael is in love with Jeremy The Apple Guy. or even better, at a trip to the farm, when Michael and Jeremy are talking to the class and open the discussion for questions, one kid just raises her hand and asks, “When are you guys gonna get married?”
  • “I MEANT QUESTIONS ABOUT APPLES,” Jeremy screeches, looking about as red as one.
  • anon, im dying. youve killed me. 

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sgjkhgss i wish i could but 1) i have so many wips in my gdoc you have no idea and 2) idk anything about apples or teaching. 

but this is my open call to anybody interested in writing The Adventures of Simple Apple Farmer Jeremy Heere and Simple Preschool Teacher Michael Mell. blease,,,,