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“why i loved this so much, was because it has what spielberg does so well – it has a wide audience lens for emotional content. spielberg can pull on your heartstrings. then you take a touch of kubrick, in that he doesn’t have that accessibility, but it’s about the beauty of his frames and his shots, how patient he is with his filmmaking. I think denis did a wonderful job combining both those elements.”

 - jeremy renner on denis villeneuve and arrival

Dinner Party (Clint/Reader)

requested by anon

jealous clint ^.^


“Babe where are my fancy shoes!?” Clint shouted from upstairs.

You rolled your eyes as you took the last dish out of the oven, “Check around the bottom of the closet! They have to be there!”

Since you and Clint moved in together a few months ago, everybody has been hounding you guys to host a dinner party and to get them off your back, you’re finally hosting one.

“I need a little help in here, our guests will be here any minute!” You shouted while going around the table making sure all the proper silverware was out.

“I’m here, i’m here, what do you need?” Your boyfriend smiled as he walked into the dining room where you were.

You looked him up and down before nodding in approval, “You clean up well, Mr.Barton.”

Clint chuckled as he walked towards you, bringing you into him, “You do too, future Mrs.Barton.” He smirked as he pressed a kiss to your lips, trying to deepen it.

“Nope, we have people coming over and you can’t mess up this lipstick,” You scolded as he pouted.

The doorbell rang just before Clint could respond so you dragged him by the hand to the front door.

“Ready?” He whispered to you.

You nodded, putting a smile on your face.

Clint opened the door to find all the avengers and more waiting, all carrying various wines, dishes and gifts.

Stepping aside, you let your guests in as they began to mingle amongst themselves and say their hello’s.

“Y/N! You look as lovely as ever,” Pietro grinned as he pulled you in for a hug.

You returned the smile, “Thanks Piet, you’re looking handsome.”

“The new home looks nice, your decorating skills are amazing.” He spoke as he gestured around the large living room.

A blush crept onto your cheeks, “Oh it was nothing, I just rearranged some furniture and got some new lamps and-”

“Babe, c’mere!” Clint called.

You gave the silver haired man a smile before going over to your needy boyfriend.

“That was rude, I was having a conversation,” You scolded only for Clint to roll his eyes.

“Yeah right, he was basically undressing you with his eyes!” He scoffed while crossing his arms.

Your attempt to suppress your laughter failed which caused Clint to glare at you, “What’s so funny?”

Quickly shaking your head, you spoke, “I just find it hilarious how you get so jealous whenever I talk to Pietro.”

Clint gasped, “I’m not jealous! I-I’m just looking out for you, can’t have him stealing you away now.” He mumbled as he pulled you closer to him.

“You’re so jealous,” You whispered against his lips before kissing him.

Your boyfriend immediately responded, his hands gripping your waist as your arms wrapped around his neck.

This kiss went on till you both were in desperate need of air, pulling away, you rested your foreheads against one another.

“He’s looking.” Clint smirked.

You rolled your eyes at his remark, “Shut up.”

Clint kept a firm grip on your waist as he spoke, “I love you, Y/N.”

“Love you too babe,” You smiled as you pulled away, “Okay, time to eat!”