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In The Mourning (Live in Atlanta) 11/27/13
In The Mourning (Live in Atlanta) 11/27/13

This is one of my favorite things ever, It felt so intimate. Hayley had just told the crowd that she had strep throat, but really wanted to perform for us.

Then during the landslide bit, she just sat down in the middle of the stage and teared up and it felt like she was singing directly to you. 

Paramore really makes their fans feel amazing.


Friday is for lyrics.

“Prof” From Self Titled abum.

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The Signs as Paramore Songs

Aries: Ignorance

Taurus: My Heart

Gemini: Decode

Cancer: Still Into You

Leo: Let The Flames Begin

Virgo: All We Know

Libra: That’s What You Get

Scorpio: Misery Business

Sagittarius: CrushCrushCrush

Capricorn: The Only Exception

Aquarius: Brick By Boring Brick

Pisces: Ain’t It Fun