jeremy bueno

GET IN THE KNOW: Meet Designer Jeremy Bueno

Tell us briefly about yourself.

I’m a 35 year old Couture designer based in Paris since 2008.
I originally come from Corsica, where my parents and five brothers and sisters live. I spent many years in London before taking my chance in Paris, where I won my first fashion design competition. I now show 2 collections a year during Haute Couture fashion week, and have had the chance to show my creations in many different countries.

Who is the ideal woman you design for?

I’m not sure I design for a person in particular, but I suppose i could say the ideal woman for me is one who loves and wears my work !! ;)

How did you learn your craft?

It came to me as a child, when very young I started playing with my mum’s old manual Singer sewing machine. I was about 6. No one in the family was working in the fashion industry, so I taught myself how to sew and draw, alone in my bedroom. I then left Corsica at 18 after my a-levels, to study fashion design at the London College of Fashion.

Describe the haute couture process and what is it like to show.

Presenting a new collection is always so stressfull and yet exciting too. A real rollercoaster of emotions. We work on each collections for many months, with collaborations with other artists, and mixing our work is what I enjoy most.

On The Collecte, we feature your intriguing wool scarves. What is the process that goes into designing and producing these?

I wanted to produce a unisex range of made to measure scarves using embroidery techniques. I learnt how to use these amazing machines thanks to one of my sponsors, and I haven’t stopped using them since!!
Each scarf takes about 4 hours to produce and the ethnic patterns I use make them timeless.

What strikes your for inspiration?

My inspiration comes from many places, patterns, colors, history, personalities etc. I always try to find a strong theme for my collections.

Are there influential designers or artists in your life?

Lacroix, McQueen, Mugler, Galiano, but also Gaudi, Chagall, Monet.

If you could describe the ideal casual look for someone what would you suggest?

Heels, jeans and a leather jacket. That’s a good basic casual look to which we can add or not accessories depending on ‘going out casual’ or not.