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Serial killers are like spiders. They’re monsters that hunt their victims or lure them into their web and kill them. A spider’s purpose on this planet is to aid in keeping the insect population under control. So is a serial killer’s purpose to aid in keeping the human population under control? 

anonymous asked:

I have a 3 part question. How long ago did you write (have bad experience) with Curtis Allgier, Jeremy Bryan Jones and Bobby Joe Long? How long did you write before you knew something was wrong? How did you end it with them? I'm currently in a jam with one of them now and I'm stressed sick.

Oh, I was writing them around the same time so about 5-4 years ago.  Good to know none of them have changed…ha.

I think the one that gave me the most REAL stress was Curtis Allgier.  He was rude, demanding, and almost threatening.  He had my phone number, so that had A LOT to do with it.  It made me sick as well. Bobby Joe Long, I just dropped him and that was that, he didn’t bother me after that.  Jeremy Jones was just probably one of the most annoying and disgusting people.  He was a complete pig and he complained about EVERYTHING all the time. 

If you feel safe messaging me off of anonymous, I’d be glad to help you out with this sticky situation.

Oh fuck!  Jeremy Bryan Jones dropped his Drivers License outside of his trailer.  Better return it to him before that kid Jared Cano gets his hands on it, we all know he has sticky little fingers….

We all know how much that little shit likes to go joyriding after sipping on his Olde E that the Gardener, Bobby Ray Gilbert, always buys for him.

anonymous asked:

have you personally received letters from him and what were they like? (cum stained?)

They were disgusting, aggressive, rude, and demanding. He whined about everything, said he was innocent. Luckily no cum for me. I would have thrown up on the spot. But he said repulsive things to me and when I asked him to stop nicely he wouldn’t, so I cut ties real quick.


Today, the Trailer Park Heartthrob known as Tucker Cipriano aka Shatt announced “Only God can judge me” before throwing on some rosary beads he found laying next to his neighbor Jeremy Jones trailer.
All the girls who love him around the park are wearing his new brand, (yes he’s a designer) called Baby Shatt, hoping it’ll get his attention.  He has yet to fall in love with any of them.   Some of the trailer park boys hoping to get Shatt’s attention were wearing his brand too, but we won’t name names (for now.)