jeremy bamber

Jeremy Bamber was in his early twenties when his family was shot and killed, with the initial investigation suggesting that his sister had perpetrated the shooting - having been found holding a gun beneath her chin in one hand, and a bible in the other. This was further solidified by the long history of mental health problems that Bamber’s sister had suffered from.

It was Bamber’s cavalier behaviour after the crime that arose suspicion, and soon circumstantial evidence began to mount against him - such as a throwaway remark he made to his girlfriend about hiring a hitman to kill his family. Eventually the police was presented with a silencer used in the crime hidden in the barn, signifying that Bamber’s sister had not completed suicide but had also been murdered along with the rest of her family.

Bamber was arrested and charged with his family’s murders, including the deaths of his two 6 year old nephews, and was found guilty. Bamber has fought this conviction but it has continually been upheld by courts.

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I can’t believe the police could fuck up so much in a murder investigation. They wouldn’t defend him, despite believing his innocence, because it would mean admitting that they made mistakes.

What a fucking joke. That man’s spent 25 years in prison because the police couldn’t do their jobs properly.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I've been thinking about writing to an inmate for quite a while now. Are there any British prisoners that you could recommend, preferably someone interesting, pleasant to talk too and frequently responds? Thank you :D x

I think Jeremy Bamber might interest you, if you’re talking “pleasant.”  He is very adamant about his innocence, and has quite an online campaign going (including a Twitter account.)