jeremy and betsy

the foxes  as popular text posts #2

neil josten: I hate when I’m in class, working on my personal writing and someone leans over and goes “WHat R U wRITing” like your eulogy if you don’t back the fuck up you soggy lampshade

andrew minyard: you’re yelling? at ME? the one person who has never done anything wrong ever?????

kevin day: I’m so ready to be able to legally drink. only eating all these years has left me very thirsty. I have heard very good things about water

nicky hemmick: Yes mother I have slept for thirteen hours straight but Jesus slept for three days straight and started a religion so I don’t wanna hear it.

matt boyd: got yelled at by my mom cos i kept pronouncing "Dwanye" The Rock Johnson the same way one pronounces “Kanye” West

dan wilds: “if feminists want equality does this mean we can punch women now?” go ahead chicken shit punch me in the fucking face. i will shove your entire upper body into your own ass and make you fuck yourself from the inside out

renee walker: do you ever want to gently float up to someone and whisper “this isn’t a debate; i am actually educated on the subject and i’m telling you you’re wrong”

allison reynolds: anonymously tell me your credit card number ill reply with what I bought

aaron minyard: i watched my brother drop a remote on his foot and the only thing he said was “i am so sick of being alive”

david wymack: I used too much No More Tears shampoo in 1973 and haven’t felt a single emotion since then

betsy dobson: [to andrew] *therapist voice* you are stupid and gay

abby winfield: fun drinking game: take a shot of water every couple hours to make sure you’re healthy and hydrated


jean moreau: once in the fifth grade this kid called me a homo and i thought it meant homeless and i was so confused i said ‘jeremy you’ve been to my house’

jeremy knox: if you ever feel bad about yourself remember that one time i didn’t understand that my waiter was just trying to give me my change so i fist bumped him instead 

sara alvarez: if the phantom of the opera has taught me anything it’s that if all else fails you set the place on fire and cry

laila dermott: I’m in love with this girl. She’s gorgeous, smart, talented, funny as hell, and totally badass. That girl is me.

erik klose: white lips, pale face, im gay, outer space

riko moriyama: back by unpopular demand: me

tfc as even more shit i've said:
  • neil : hi i'd like to apply for a death certificate please?
  • andrew : as you can tell from my complete lack of expression: feelings are being had.
  • kevin : I wish my future were as clear as my pee. #hydrate
  • nicky: i know we're all adults here but I think we might need better supervision...
  • matt: *stares aggressively* *whispers* Ily and will die for you
  • aaron: I consulted with everyone I care about: me, myself, and I all say we don't care.
  • dan: my favorite thing to do is yell "sorry for your tiny penis," at every giant truck I see.
  • renee: *fake ass smile* I'm trying really hard to be moderately nice.
  • allison: you're right, I don't need to spend my money. But I <i>want</i> to and I <i>need</i> you to fuck off.
  • Wymack: for someone who gets myself into these messes, I'm always surprised that I end up in them.
  • abby: *pokes bruise* yeah, yeah. that's... bad.
  • betsy: i want to listen but sometimes you concern me so I just stare instead.
  • riko: eyes on me pls. Give me attention. Watch me fuck my life up
  • jean: I'm half a decent person. I probably deserve better than this.
  • jeremy: i just... can we all just nap?? And be kind??
The Foxes as Stupid Cat Things
  • Kevin: Running around at 3am, rebounding off the wall, knocking over everything you own, and magically disappearing when you get up to make them stop
  • Dan: Flicks their tail in your face while you're trying to do something, won't stop even when you pet them.
  • Andrew: Hides under or behind things, lashes out with paws and claws to grab your ankles
  • Matt: Decides they have to be let in This door Right Now
  • Aaron: Once let in goes immediately to the other door to be let out
  • Renee: Lays on the floor staring intently at a sunspot, flicking their tail like they're going to pounce and doesn't move for an hour
  • Nicky: Sits on your arm or your work while you're trying to do something
  • Allison: Kneeds you softly until you get comfortable and then shreds you while they purr
  • Neil: Watches you while they scratch something, judging whether or not scratching is okay by how fast and violently you react; no reaction = no fun and stop scratching, VS yell and clap = scratch as fast and much as possible before you are chased off
  • Bonus(es): -
  • Wymack: Looks at you, knocks something off the counter, looks at you again and the second you move leaps away with that soft "pa da puh" of guilty little feet
  • Abby: Sleeps on paper, the back of the recliner, in the middle of the carpet, on chairs, literally anywhere but the cat bed
  • Betsy: Plays with random pieces of ~whatever~ instead of their toy
  • Jeremy: Lays on the windowsill, falls asleep, rolls over off of the windowsill
  • Jean: Meows loudly for attention, won't let you hold or pet them
  • Riko: Tries to kill you in your sleep by lying on your face
the aftg characters as things actually said in the gc

Neil: you hurt my three feelings

Andrew: my heart is dead, gay, in love

Aaron: okay, I’m done, I got out all my passive aggressiveness for today

Kevin: I’m the physical embodiment of alcohol

Nicky: I’m what the kids call … Gay

Dan: petition to fling like 90% of men into the sun

Allison: life goals: be your own sugar daddy

Renee: pahaha, who even is hetero in this day and age?


+ Bonus:

Abby: let my husband roast in peace, ok?

Wymack: RIPE ME

Bee: if you two don’t make up I’ll be pairing counsellor and we make a chat where we three discuss your problems

Jean: thank you, see, I told Kevin I was no weak ass french earlier

Jeremy: hi you ugly ass bitches. take out the ugly and the ass and bitches

tfc as more things i've said:
  • Abby: can we make a mutual agreement that u'll stop saying fight me every time u open ur mouth???
  • Betsy Dobson: we all need a lil help and someone to say "yikes"
  • Riko Moriyama: *looks in mirror* lol who is that? they look like a prick
  • Jean Moreau: Nobel Peace Prize goes to me for peacefully putting up with your bitch ass.
  • Jeremy Knox: i didn't realize my conditioner had glitter in it but here we are and now i'm even more shiny than usual
  • Tetsuji Moriyama: i would ask u to shut up but that would require acknowledging ur existence.
  • Ichirou Moriyama: look if I had a say in things?? oh wait i do, ahaha i'm in charge and now ur screwed...
  • Nathan Wesninski: i mean, yeah i should probs stop being a jackass but wheres the fun in that?
Things I Noticed My First Time Listening To The Last 5 Years

So, I recently listened to The Last 5 Years for the first time and I would just like to point out a few things I noticed that really hit home for me. (There are some spoilers)

1. In ‘Nobody Needs To Know’ Jamie says “Come back to bed kid, take me inside you. I promise I won’t lie to you. Hold on, don’t cry yet, I won’t let you go.” but in ‘See I’m Smiling’ Cathy starts crying and says “I swear to god I’ll never understand how you can stand there, straight and tall, and see I’m crying, and not do anything at all.” meaning he was more willing to not only be more honest with these random one night stands, but to comfort them when the cry than with his wife of five years. 

2. In ‘If I Didn’t Believe In You’ Jamie says to Cathy “I will not fail so you can be comfortable, Cathy, I will not loose because you cannot win” but I took the line in ‘The Schmuel Song’ Jamie says “Cathy you get to be happy… I give you unlimited time…” and then a few lines later says “Take your time.” (and I’m sure this line can be interpreted in different ways but) I took this to mean that Jamie is happy to support Cathy for as long as she is unable to provide for herself, since he advises her to quit her job in the line “Say goodbye to wiping ashtrays at the bar” and is telling her that he will help her until she has her big break. So, obviously in-between these few years his point of view changed. Also, it must have by the end of their relationship since he left her while she was still struggling with no job besides her summer job in Ohio as we know. 

3. Okay Cathy is kinda catty in ‘I Can Do Better Than That’ in my opinion… like she’s talking about this girl from high school who maybe doesn’t have the dream life but like… neither does she so I mean? Just my opinion though. 

4. In ‘Climbing Uphill’ I don’t think that Cathy is at all jealous of Jamie’s success, I think it’s more that she feels almost inadequate to him and like she’s maybe doesn’t deserve him???? Because she says “Jamie needs space to write since I’m obviously such a horrible annoying distraction to him.” She thinks he hates her almost and like she’s not good enough for him.

5. As much as I HATE Jamie by the end of the musical, In my honest opinion Jamie and Cathy should have broken up far before that (not like the story wise… I just believe that their relationship became unhealthy) because of… well the list number before this, Jamie constantly wanted to sleep with multiple other women right from the get-go after they got married, Cathy isn’t really that supporting of Jamie’s accomplishments and doesn’t want to go to a celebration of another book getting published. Also, in See I’m Smiling Cathy is almost trying to convince herself that she can hold on to this relationship AND she says “And I know in your soul it must drive you crazy, that you won’t get to play with your little girlfriends” which means she at least knows he’s been flirting with other women, right? There are so many other examples I could use, but these are the first couple that came to mind. 

The Foxes + Sexuality (Headcanons)

Neil + no label:

Its never been something he’s dwelled on in the past. He never could. He’s never swung either way because he wasn’t allowed to. When he started to pay attention to girls his mother beat it out of him. It’s not that he doesn’t like girls, they’ve just always been dangerous. And guys (before Andrew) never really seemed to be an option before. And now when asked the question he answers truthfully. He doesn’t feel the need to label something that doesn’t need to be labeled. It’s pointless. At least to him anyway.

Andrew + Homosexuality:

 He’s gay, that’s it

Dan + Bisexuality:

Dan’s had boyfriends and only boyfriends up until she started to work in the strip club. Her fellow stage sisters taught her to be more confident in who she was and what she does.. And that eventually led to her discovering her love for women in her senior year of high school. Reagan Martinez, editor of her school’s newspaper, was the first girl to catch her eye. She wouldn’t be the last. And now she has Matt, but that doesn’t make her sexuality any less valid.

Nicky + GAYYYY:

If you even had to read this, I’m severely disappointed in you

Renee + Asexuality:

Even before she was saved, Renee never really felt sexual attraction for anyone. She was always to preoccupied with her gang and family and then surviving juvie and then her new foster mother Stephanie and letting her in to help her be a better person and then the foxes and her degree. Sex was never a priority, nor was it a concern.  Allison asked when was the last time she got laid and Renee didn’t have an answer. She wasn’t interested in sex, she never had been.

Matt + Heterosexuality :

Matt grew up partying and doing illegal things, thanks to his father not caring enough and his mother not being around. He was rich, had inherited fame from his parents and he was attractive. Since he was fifteen Matt has always had a girl on his arm. Different girl, different week. That is until Dan. But he was never one of those STRAIGHT PERSON, you know, the type to say no home before showing any affection to another person of the same sex. It was stupid and he knew that. He even tried to swing the other way once but it just, it didn’t work for him.

Aaron + Demisexuality:

Aaron wasn’t used to people giving a fuck about him. At least, not in the right way that is. He grew up with an abusive alcoholic mother and then found our he had a brother who didn’t show affection. Because of that, he stayed to himself. Never had a girlfriend, never had a boyfriend. No one cared enough to try and when they did, their small attempts didn’t last more then five minutes. Lack of Aaron’s interest being the main reason. That is until Katelyn. That girl wouldn’t quit. At first, she had no intention of being his girlfriend, she just wanted to figure him out and be his friend. He didn’t know why but he never asked. Katelyn was just a good person like that. She stayed long enough to crack down Aaron’s walls. She actually gave a shit. Something Aaron wasn’t used to. She cared about what he said, what he thought, what he’s been through. That was new. And when the deep feelings for her came, so did the sexual attraction.

Kevin + Bisexuality:

Riko kept him caged up like an animal when he was with the Ravens. Relationships were prohibited and he knew that. But then came Thea. He remembers sneaking around to catch a few kisses and sometimes just to talk to the dark skinned girl. She was the first person he felt safe with.  On her last night, they shared a kiss, a passionate kiss that was dangerous but necessary. Jean caught them but he didnt say anything. Kevin was surprised he didnt turn them in but he didnt dare say confront him. After she was gone, Kevin threw himself even harder into Exy, to ignore the heartbreak he felt.  After months of walking on eggshells around Jean, they both were fed up. Jean was the one to confront him. He asked questions and Kevin answered. And then he left. A few weeks later Jean had caught Kevin staring while he was speaking French. Later that day he offered to teach him the language if he wanted. They spent many afternoons studying and practicing it, whether in the library or on the court. Once Kevin had mastered it, during their last lesson, he kissed Jean. It was in the moment but it felt different. A good kind of different and both Jean and him reveled in the feeling of each other’s lips. They never talked about it only about Exy and other miscellaneous things. Two months later, Riko broke Kevin’s hand.

Allison + Pansexuality:

Allison was used to getting what and who she wanted. Their gender identity were never important. If she found you attractive, she made you her’s. Point. Blank. Period

Seth Gordon + Closeted Homosexuality :

Seth had grown up around hypermasculinity and rejected homosexuality his entire life. He did everything he could not acknowledge his own. He took his insecurities out on everyone around him, mainly Nicky. In some ways he was jealous of how confident his teammate was with his gayness. Other ways, he hated it. He dated Allison in hopes to erase it and that relationship was hell from start to finish. He had a crush on Matt and hated himself for it. The more he was around him, the more Seth tried to bury his sorrows in Allison’s lips. Seth took this secret to the grave. No one knew.


Wymack + Straight Ally

Bee + Gay:

She’s happily married to a beautiful women, this is canon.

Abby + Straight Ally

Jean + No label:

Like Neil, he thinks it’s pointless.

Jeremy + Happy Pansexual:

Come on, have you seen him.