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11/23 on the Shameless instagram account: When you literally 👃  like death but you still love each other. So thankful for our #Shameless fam and fans! #HappyThanksgiving #Showtime

11/19 Shameless account on Instagram: Life’s messy af, especially when you’re a Gallagher. Watch a brand new episode of #Shameless tonight on #Showtime. #BTS
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Screencaps of Cameron in the new YouTube video from Shameless season 8 sneak peek w/ Emmy Rossum | Shameless | Only on Showtime


A director will always tell you, when you go in to do a scene, ‘You go as big as you want, and I’ll tell you when to come down.’ And I found that on 'Shameless,’ you can’t follow that rule because they will never tell you to come down. So, I’ve had to find my own balance with when it makes sense to get this upset or angry.


Me and Ian have decided to get our DNA tests done too,
        in the off chance that we aren’t Frank’s kids.


Screencaps from the new Shameless episode


Lip Gallagher // Chine Drive

11/5 Shanola on Instagram: #LIT #Shameless #TONIGHT

The Gallaghers through the seasons
I’m not emotional… are u?