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Draw Michael and Jeremy surrounded with puppies

camera quality is shit but concept: Jeremy and Michael want to adopt a puppy together but every time they go to the pet shop, they go home empty handed because Michael always wants to adopt them all and he can’t choose

sorry i didnt draw a bunch of puppies im terrible at drawing animals and this was just a small doodle


Michael: Lindsay is the soldier we need on the battlefield.
Jack: she’s the drunken master!
Michael: she’s dropping grenades into enemies’ tanks by accidents. ‘oh sorry, did i kill everyone?’

Lindsay’s luck in Let’s Play Worms W.M.D 3

“I mean! How was I supposed to know he was more than a dark emo?”

To all of you who asked me or even wished for me to do the entire Be More Chill Musical, thank Dove Calderwood aka @goofygrrl, who commissioned me to do animatics of the whole show!!!
As planned I’ll finish “Upgrade” and then start doing the musical from the start! 
But I’ll choose the halloween costumes anyway, as soon as I finish upgrade like I promised.