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@ChrisEvans: I definitely kept my cool when we scored in OT to win the game @thescottevans @Renner4Real @LOZOg @peck_j

OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! 🤣😍 I also love how Chris went with his brother and Jeremy.

P.S. I thought he was gonna fall off for a second there… Those were some high jumps!

I know October is long over but,,

Spooky scary AU fake ah crew

Where everyone except Jeremy is a monster that can regenerate/be healed after dying

And Jeremy thinks “well I’d better be careful, I’m just a human, I only have one life”

Then it happens,

During a heist he’s shot and killed

Everyone is like “oh god he’s dead” and they even throw a funeral for him

But shortly after they finish it and are deciding where to bury him, he just wakes up

He was dead, he remembers dying, but he can only last recall being shot and then falling asleep for a long time.

He’s like “why is everyone so surprised ?? I just woke up??”

Basically he’s like Kenny, but he doesn’t see his deaths as dying, he sees them as sleeping for a long time. None of the crew wants to scare him so they just brush it off like nothing happened every time.

Jeremy is like their puppy who has to be put down, and the family goes out of their way to make the dog’s last day it’s best. Jeremy stays oblivious and the rest of the crew gets him ice cream every time he wakes up from dying.

The Avengers Reactions To Offensive Comments From Random People
  • (STEVE)
  • Someone: Bucky Barnes should be put in prison for his crimes as the Winter Soldier.
  • Steve: I'll show you crimes.
  • Someone: *runs away screaming*
  • (TONY)
  • Random hipster: Technology is ruining society. We need life back like the good ole days.
  • Tony: *casually walks up with his cell phone in hand* *shows the person the thousand selfies on the person's Instagram*
  • Random hipster: ...
  • Tony: *raises eyebrows*
  • Random hipster: *sweating*
  • Tony: *walks away like a boss*
  • Random passerby: Oh, burn! *snaps fingers in Z formation*
  • (BRUCE)
  • Someone: Did you see all the bad guys Hulk smashed to pieces and killed? It was so awesome!!!!!
  • Bruce: *sobs in the distance*
  • Someone: *follows distant sobs to get an autograph*
  • (THOR)
  • Someone: *pointing at Jane* Jane's not a real scientist! She couldn't even predict the attacks early enough for Thor to stop them!
  • Thor: Here, hold my hammer. *hands person Mjolnir*
  • Someone: Cool, bro! *takes Mjolnir* *smashes toe as they get pulled down by Mjolnir*
  • Thor: *grabs Mjolnir and twirls it* *flies away with Jane*
  • (CLINT)
  • Random guy: Black Widow would be a better superhero if she was a guy.
  • Clint: I'm confused. You want her to be stupid?
  • Random guy: *confused stare* I don't get it.
  • Clint: Exactly.
  • Random kid: Hawkeye isn't a real Avenger. He can only shoot arrows and pray they hit something useful.
  • Natasha: *leans down* *whispers in kid's ear* I once saw him shoot an ant from 1,500 hundred feet away while he was skydiving with pigeons. He skydives higher and higher every time he goes. And I know for a fact that he's skydiving again today.
  • Random kid: So?
  • Natasha: Well, kid. From that far up...
  • Random kid: *looks up*
  • Natasha: ...he might just mistake you for an ant.
  • Random kid: *eyes widen* *runs and cries to his mother*
  • (ME)
  • Someone: Bucky Barnes
  • Me: WHERE
Puppy Love {Jeremy Gilbert}

Requested by: lukeybabe26 “Can I have a one-shot when I’m Bonnie’s sister and Jeremy falls in love with me? From Vampire Diaries.”

(I really like the way this story turned out, actually!)

A thirteen year old Bonnie Bennett walks into her Grams’ kitchen, a jacket trailing from her hands.

“Grams?” She asks. Grams turns around from washing the dishes and smiles.

“Yes, Bonnie?”

“Elena and I are gonna go to the park, okay?” Grams nods.

“Alright, but take your sister with you.” Bonnie groans and stomps her foot when she hears a small voice cheering. An eleven year old girl with pigtails and braces runs out from under the table.

“C’mon, Bon, let’s go to the park!” You squeal. Bonnie rolls her eyes.

“Alright, fine.”

Twenty minutes-and five threats-later, the two of you find yourselves at the park.

“Well, look! Elena brought her brother.” Bonnie looks at you. “He’s about your age. Go play on the swings or something.” Bonnie and Elena almost simultaneously push their siblings towards each other before going off to talk to ‘this really cute guy that hangs out at the skatepark!’ You look at Elena’s brother skeptically. He’s a tall, skinny guy with glasses and braces too, you notice.

“Hi, I’m Bonnie’s annoying sister, Y/N.” You say sarcastically. The boy grins.

“I’m Elena’s annoying brother! Jeremy.” He introduces. You both take solace in the fact that both sisters refer to their siblings as annoying.

“I’ve never seen you around before.” You speak up after a pause.

“I go to Sacred Heart.” Oh, rich kid. Sacred Heart is the one private school in Mystic Falls.

“Oh. I go to Mystic Falls.”

“I figured. There’s not that many schools around here.” You nervously smile. After another awkward silence, you finally think of something.

“You like pirates?” You ask. Eleven, you’ve noted, is the age where most kids start to think that playing imagination games, like pirates, is dumb.

“I love pirates. Do you wanna play pirates?” You nod.

“The top of the slide can be the crow’s nest!” You yell, running up the stairs.

“Ooh, and the monkey bars can be the plank!” For two hours straight, while Elena and Bonnie failed at wooing Mr. Skate Park, you and Jeremy played like you were pirates on the Mediterranean Sea. When it came time to leave, the two younger siblings whined and moaned about how they wanted to stay and play. Luckily for you (who thought that Jeremy was kind of cute when he was hanging upside down from the monkey bars), Elena and Bonnie kept trying to score a date, which gave you the chance to hang out with your new best friend.

One day Jeremy suggested playing a new game.

“Let’s play kingdom.” He says while biting into a graham cracker that came from a box which you snuck out of the house.

“Alright. Are we knights, going off to fight a dragon?” You persuade him, raising your eyebrows. He shakes his head.

“No. I’m the knight going off to fight the dragon. You’re the princess who’s trapped by the dragon.” Begrudgingly you decide to play this new game.

It actually turns out to be interesting, especially when Jeremy scales the playground set to get to you.

“I rescued you, Princess! Now you have to reward me.” He whispers the last part, holding out his hand for ‘money.’ That’s when things get really interesting. Jeremy, instead of taking the invisible money, grabs you and kisses you. The two of you stare at each other, blushes on your faces, until Bonnie and Elena start calling your names.

“We never speak of this.” You say at the same time before going home.

Unfortunately, you never saw Jeremy after that day. Bonnie and Elena got into a huge fight over the boy, didn’t talk for weeks, made up, but agreed to never go back to that park again. And thus ended your adventures with Jeremy Gilbert.

…..At least until the first day of freshman year. You were already nervous enough, what with the big school and the new faces. Now Bonnie was yelling at you to keep up with her friends? Not cool.

“Y/N! If you want to know where your first period is you have to walk faster!” She complains. “Oh, thank God. Hey, Elena. Hey, Jer.” You peer over your sister’s shoulder to see him smiling back at you. Him. The boy who you used to play pirates with. The boy who you shared everything with. The boy who became your first kiss. Jeremy Gilbert. He smiles at you, and right then you can feel your heart bursting.

“Hey there, Princess.”

i like to think that jeremy knox from the usc trojans makes court someday