I drew my Jeremy Fitzgerald design! 

This picture is actually meant to be part of a collage of all of my other fnaf designs of the humans, but I was so happy with this one that I just posted it seperate. xD I still have Phone Guy to draw and Fritz to edit, but I’m almost done!


Go tell Mike.

Original Comic: http://rebornica.tumblr.com/post/106616327644/go-tell-mike-bonus#

Vincent/Jeremy/Fritz: http://lolzman87.tumblr.com/


I decided to make a height chart for all of the night guards in Rebornica's AU. Also Experimenting with body types; I think that Mike would be a little buff (Since Rebs said he’s the strongest), Fritz is a precious baby, Jeremy is short and skinny, Vince is tall and average weight, Phone Guy is tall and skinny. This is just what I think, SO I don’t know how Rebs really envisioned them; for all I know I might be wrong (`・ω・´)” (I’m sorry, Rebs)

Character Designs belong to Rebornica


My Paramore Grammy Project— completed!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated! The next step: get Paramore to see the finished product!

If you don’t mind spreading the word and sending the video to Paramore, I’d greatly appreciate it! :)


Holy. Shit.