jeremiah loui

James arguing with Slytherins.

“So, I heard you where saying shit about my cousin.”

“Which one? You seem to have a lot of ‘em?”


“Oh, the Mudblood Spawn.”

At this point Addie, Dom, Louis, both pairs of twins, Hugo, Rose, Al, Lily, Jeremiah, and Alice came.

“What did you say about Rose? Huh Goyle?” Louis pushed Goyle.

“You heard me. Her and her stupid brother,” he spat at Hugo, “are the Mudblood spawns.”

Hugo tried punching Goyle, but got held back by Al and Fred II.

“You talk a lot of trash for someone who is trash.” Addie snarled.

“You know, it’s sad you never had a mum to teach you to be a lady.”

That’s when they pushed Addie over the edge. Her hair caught flame, which only happened when she was beyond pissed. The others expect that, but what they didn’t expect was the golden eyes and fangs. When she went to America for a month that summer she was bit by an American werewolf.