jeremiah cole

Sam from Remo Drive FELL ON ME AND I WAS HELLA EXCITED LOL LOOK AT ME I LOOK SO HAPPY OMG where the cute white boys at, hit me up head ass

But on a serious note
went to the city w Kallan and John for a Hippo Campus concert and it was so great!!!!

I’ve only seen YG, Jeremiah, Big Sean, J Cole, Tyler the Creator, Taco and Jasper live so this was my first rockish concert

i did way more jumping than at Tyler’s but there was a moshpit at Tyler’s and not this one but still amazing
and I’ll post more of that later

when I got shown their music, they reminded me of old Green Day. And I LIVE FOR GREEN DAY, also got reminded of Real friends a lot.

I rly wanna see Green Day and Real Friends someday for sure

They told me to fight, and that’s what I’ve done. Let historians sort through the wreckage, bodies, and broken lives to figure out the rest.
—  Admiral Preston Jeremiah Cole
TMZ News Report 2 -Tyson KING Brown

2:00pm Saturday 10th:

“Exclusive footage shows Tyson Browns fiancee, Nalani Lueche leaving their multi million dollar Miami home in a heavily tinted SUV just moments ago. Nalani was surrounded by Tysons personal bodyguard Brock Silvera as well as Tysons team mates and best friends, Jeremiah Cole and Adrian Stevenson. No signs of the young couples son.”

2:30pm Saturday 10th:

                        “Camped outside the downtown Miami police station, the fiancee of basketball superstar has just arrived alongside Miami heat players, Jeremiah and Adrian. All three of Tysons group looked visibly tired and worn out as they were surrounded by officers and led into the building. Word was released that Tyson was granted visitation rights to see his young future wife in exchange that he cooperates with the detectives.”

4:00pm Saturday 10th:

                          “This just in, shocking news that Tyson Brown, NBA superstar has suffered a number of blows from the detective working the case. Earlier TMZ reported that Tyson was being uncooperative and after hours of staying silent during interrogation, it looks like the detective got fed up because he started to deliver a number of blows to the NBA star that was handcuffed during the entire abuse. Heres where it gets even more interesting, we are told that Tyson some how managed to break out of his cuffs and before the detective could get anymore hits in, Tyson broke the detectives wrist. Though it was a act of defence, will officials use this against Tyson when the trial begins?”

9:34am Sunday 11th:

“A mob of fans have rallied outside the police station down town in protests against the arrest of Tyson Brown. Fans and fellow citizens are enraged and angered after yesterday the reports of police brutality against Mr Brown. The police station released a statement moments ago ensuring the people that the Detective was immediately pulled off the case and was replaced with Senior Detective Hawkins who will take over and proceed to investigate the murder of Adrianna Jeffries.”                        

1:00pm Sunday 11th:

                        “BREAKING NEWS: More details has been released in regards to the murder of Adrianna Jeffries. Police have released two critical pieces of evidence that they believe links Tyson Brown to the murder.  A traffic light camera has caught footage of Tyson entering the apartment building of Adrianna some weeks ago, around the time of death. Also as reported before, Adrianna was found with a stomach filled with pain killers in her system, the same painkillers that were prescribed to Tyson. They were found in the victim’s bathroom, with his fingerprints on it. Tysons court appearance will be held tomorrow at around 9am to determine if he could post bail or not”.