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My Anaconda || Chapter Two ||

Jason’s never been anything other than exceptionally neutral about the song “Anaconda.” Not dropping to his knees for it, or raising Hell for its lyrics. Or the provocative and proud intentions that it vocalized. It didn’t directly involve him, so why should he have cared?
He would have been more prepared for what came with it if he had cared in advance.
Jason? He probably started to become less and less neutral about it when his boyfriend dared to look so good while dancing to it.

Pairing: Percy Jackson/Jason Grace

Rating: Mature 

Word count: 3136

Warnings: Modern AU. Dance Class AU. This chapter gets friskier then the first.  Warnings for making out, attempted car sex, Autagonistophilia (Finding sexual pleasure in being videotaped/on stage.) Groping, t o uching i don’t know. Frottage? Oh and them being complete dorks. 

Authors Note: Based on this dance. I haven’t posted a fic or even written one since my old blog was deleted! Why not make a change, hm? You can read ithere on AO3, if you want! 

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Ahh, so this post is really really really early but I wanted to get the members page ready for when you guys are accepted so I’m posting these now.

Once you are accepted take a look at these.

These are the icons I have made the right size to go onto the network theme. If there is an icon you want but isn’t there, either edit it to 120px by 120px yourself or send me the picture you want and I will do it for you.

If the icon you want is there, let me know and give me a description you would like to put on the network page too. First please will you check that no-one else on the network page has the same icon. Thank you.

(I’m only putting these on now so I can do the admin boxes)







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i’m going to chose 2 winners and 2 honorable mentions for the last 2 months of spring (april + may). 


  • a spot on my blog for the duration of their appointed month + unlimited promos on request + 1 edit / ficlet / url graphic or anything else you want + a follow back from me

honorable mentions

  • a spot on my blog until the 15th of your appointed month + unlimited promos whenever you want + a follow from me

april winners will be announced on march 31, and may winners will be announced on april 30th. good luck!


So this is gonna be a fun place, somewhere for Jercy stuff and for friends.

It’s an open blog, so members, if you want to chat visit the chat blog - see me for the password.

I decided to create these because I want this to remain a fun, hate free place.

  • No hating/shaming/oppression, to any of the other members, or anyone really. For whatever reason you may have, I don’t want to hear it and neither do they.
  • Intelligent discussions are allowed but if it gets out of hand or someone asks you to stop, drop it.
  • If another member of the network insults/hates on you bring it to either me or Jamie.
  • No reposting. If it came from a source that is not you, reblog it.

If you decide to break these rules, you will be kicked out the network.

I don’t like to impose rules but I think these are pretty clear and just wanted to make sure you knew they existed.

Also to all the members, you do know you’re allowed to post/reblog stuff here right?