"How to affordably copyright your art & how to deal with copyright infringement" with Jeral Tidwell

This is a clip from the podcast Adventures in Design about copyrights.  It clarifies quite a bit about copyright law, how to copyright your work affordably, and it debunks various myths about copyrights.  It’s extremely enlightening.

It also goes into detail about what to do and what not to do when corporate art theft strikes, and how to make copyright law work to your advantage. Furthermore, it explains how to approach and make use of lawyers in such situations.  I think a lot of artists, even professionals, operate under the assumption that the legal system is beyond us - that our woes are either too trivial for lawyers to bother with or too expensive to follow through on. That’s self-defeating and largely untrue, though.  As it pertains to copyright law, the legal system is at your disposal and is designed to work for you.

Oh, how I wish I knew these things a couple of years ago when I was dealing with a couple of cases of corporate art theft and was feeling hopeless about it. Because I was repeating that over and over to myself as I listened to this, I figured I ought to share it.

(Warning:  the discussion in the link gets just a little bit crude in spots)

Cracky Elder Scrolls Headcanon

We know that at some point in its history Falkreath was not considered a part of Skyrim. Tiber Septim gets his start as the general of Cuhlecain, king of Falkreath, and at that point it’s considered part of Colovian Cyrodiil. But the hold doesn’t really seem to fit in with the rest of the Colovian West, and it doesn’t really fit in with the rest of Skyrim. We also know from “The Adabal-a” that when the Ayleids were enslaving the Nedes they also took captives from the “Men-of-Kreath”, though these were “later found to be imported from the north”. So they’re distinct from the proto-Cyrod Nedes, they’re distinct from the Nords, and just occupy their own little slice of the crossroads of Tamriel. My theory on this without anything in particular to back it up is that the pre-Nordic Falkreathans were originally Bretic, and split off from the group that would eventually become the Reachmen. 

I headcanon that Falkreath’s history is a bunch of proto-Breton Nedes fleeing the Direnni in High Rock, and some stop in the winding hills and crags of the Reach. Others keep moving, and follow the deer into what they call Fiad-Creag, the Deer Crags, only to eventually run into a new bunch of merish slavers. But they survive, resist, and eventually the Ayleids are overwhelmed by the Nedic uprising. The Men-of-Kreath become Cyrodizied, but the height of the Jeralls makes sure that while they lose their shared Bretic past with the Reachmen they remain different from the Colovians. The Nords take and lose Falkreath often over the 1rst and 2nd eras, but when Cuhlecain becomes king, the Colovian Falkreathans have held it for a couple of centuries. With the help of Tiber Septim, Cuhlecain unites Cyrodiil and becomes emperor, only to be promptly assassinated. Kingless, the petty lords of Falkreath- lords of Illynaltia, Helgana, Dynnwald- fight amongst themselves while Emperor Tiber Septim is busy with the rest of Tamriel. A force of Hjaalic mercenaries, warriors of the House of Stuhn, are sent by the King of Skyrim, and after a fairly short but bloody conflict Falkreath is taken by Nords. As a boon for the favor of pacifying the region, the new Emperor grants the rightful rule of the territory to Skyrim, and it becomes a hold governed by Jarls in the Stuhn line.

When you accidentally delete the first writing playlist and need to reissue it. Sorry!

50+ songs to get your writing juices flowing!

canon in d johann pachelbel // the riders of rohan howard shore // fantasia on greensleeves ralph vaughan williams // symphony no. 9 in e minor op. 95 “from the new world”: ii. largo antonín dvořák // feast of starlight howard shore // he’s a pirate klaus badelt // welcome to jurassic park john williams // canceling the apocalypse ramin djawadi // psychological recovery … six months hans zimmer // enterprising young men michael giacchino // test drive john powell // davy jones hans zimmer // sandstorm darude // thrice welcome howard shore // battle without honor or humanity tomoyasu hotel // strength of a thousand men two steps from hell // carnival of the animals, zoological fantasy: aquarium camille saint-saëns // hymn to the fallen john williams // captain america henry jackman // mithril howard shore // jupiter, the bringer of jollity gustav holst // crime and punishment senju akira // 528491 hans zimmer // the sleeping beauty waltz pyotr ilyich tchaikovsky // sévérine thomas newman // lumos (hedwig’s theme) john williams // loud pipes ratatat // run boy run (instrumental) woodkid // danse macabre camille saint-saëns // a window to the past john williams // pacific rim main theme ramin djawadi // i am the doctor murray gold // promontory trevor jones and randy edelman // axe or sword? howard shore // xing symphony senju akira // star trek into darkness: end credits michael giacchino // take you down daniel pemberton // heart of courage two steps from hell // courtyard apocalypse alexander desplat // symphony no. 7 in a major, op. 92: ii. allegretto ludwig von beethoven // house of cards main title theme jeff beal // the winter soldier henry jackman // jerall mountains jeremy soule // the wings of icarus celldweller // olympic fanfare and theme john williams // irene’s theme (bbc sherlock) michael price // james brown is dead l.a. style // james bond theme monty norman // ride of the valkyries richard wagner // avengers theme alan silvestri // game of thrones theme ramin djawadi // tokyo revisted tomandandy // blackheart two steps from hell // what shall we die for? hans zimmer // the steward of gondor howard shore // the raiders march john williams // grand bazaar, istanbul thomas newman // fury road: main theme junkie xl // angry and dead again hans zimmer // symphony no. 9 in d minor, op. 125 “the choral”: ii. scherzo: molto vivace – presto ludwig von beethoven ✩ 

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I just needed to show these to all Grayza fans, I know is in spanish but I’ll translate it for you, first of all, sorry if I had mistakes, I’m not used to write in english:

“ In an interview with Hiro Mashima one of the question was about the combination of Erza and Gray, he started to laugh and said: "I though no one would notice it… Erza has matters that are not solved with Jerall, but Gray has MORE than friendship with Erza”. In some occasions it is shown that Gray is blushing being near of Erza, without mention that in the anime and manga Hiro put the two of them fighting together and being the one for the other"

So, this was said when Juvia and Jerall had their apperance in the show, but even Juvia being in the picture, Hiro said that he had more than friendship with Erza.

I don’t know, but for me, this is a little light for my ship to became OTP… Please Hiro, I beg you, make them OTP…

How I started shipping Grayza

Well, it looks like all the Grayza tag is doing this, so I’ll do it too.

I started watching Fairy Tail because a friend insisted me to watch it. At the beggining I shipped Nalu, and now a days I still shipping it, then Gray was introduced and I started to prefer him instead of Natsu, then Erza appeared, and I loved her since the first instant. In that instant Team Natsu was created, so I started to think that Gray and Erza looked very good together, but when really I started to like Grayza was in the second arc.

This scene was too much for me. But when I really started to love Grayza and become my OTP was in the third arc, well I have to say that I also started to ship Jerza in that arc, and now a days, for me is a good option to Erza being with Jerall, if she didn’t became a couple with Gray. 

But, returning to the third arc, Erza kidnapped and Gray doing everything for her. First of all, we had the flashbacks:

For my this was glory, and watching mini Gray blushing was too much for me.

And then we have this scene:

There is where I saw how much still afects Gray seeing Erza crying, and in that moment they become my OTP.

And they still are my OTP, even I ship Jerza, it stills a ship, but Grayza, now and forever will be my OTP, even if they don’t end up being together.

So, that’s all, this is how I started Grayza and how it becomes my OTP, and sorry for my mistakes, I’m not used to write in english.

Sancre Tor, the Holy Mountain

“But after nine months that mound of mud became as a small mountain, and there were whispers among the shepherds and bulls. A small community of believers gathered around that growing hill during the days of its first churning, and they were the first to name it the Golden Hill, Sancre Tor. And it was the shepherdess Sed-Yenna who dared climb the hill when she heard his first cry, and at its peak she saw what it had yielded, an infant she named Reman, which is ‘Light of Man.’” — Remanada

The ancient site known variably as Sancre Tor, Golden Hill, or the Holy Mountain first entered history during the youth of the Nedic slave girl Periff, who went to to become Empress Alessia of Nibenay. Though born in Sardavar Leed, she and other Nedic slaves had been tasked with building roads and temples all throughout the old Ayleid kingdoms of the Heartland. One night while deep in the Jeralls, she found some privacy on an isolated hill, and prayed to the gods among the ancient standing stones (called Weynon stones by some, and Doomstones or Runestones by others. See the previous article on Hestran Runestones for more information.) It was here that she first heard the Divine Voice, and received her legendary Three Visions, which helped her crush the Ayleid slavemasters and carve out the Alessian Empire.

Calling on her Nord and Breton allies, she had a small city built around this sacred site, which some called Sancre Tor. It remained a bustling, thriving center of trade and religious study until the Alessian loss at the Battle of Glenumbra Moors, and the eventual collapse of the Empire centuries later. During this Interregnum, Colovia fell into disrepair and lawlessness, and most traces of this old settlement disappeared. The lands around it seemed to be wilderness, but a presence remained. Since Alessia first touched the Divine on this spot, her spirit was still bound strongly to it. It’s rumored that this is where Maruhk had first spoken to her spirit many years earlier, and according to legend this is where the questing king Hrol besought her to return and save the land. 

Return she did, though briefly, and with the last remnants of her strength fused with the Mountain itself, and with the sacrifice of Hrol, Reman Cyrodiil was sent from Heaven. According to less fanciful tales, young Reman was born and raised in the shadow of the mountain through more conventional means, and himself received a vision of Alessia when he knelt in prayer among the old standing stones. In both versions of the story, it is Alessia who blesses him with the Dragon Blood and the Amulet of Kings. During his reign as Emperor, during which he united East and West to crush the Akaviri menace, he had Sancre Tor restored to its former glory, against employing expert Nord and Breton battlemages as Alessia had done. His family’s remains are interred there, on the holiest of holy ground.

The Reman Dynasty eventually ended and Sancre Tor again fell into neglect and disrepair. It came into history once again during the Planemeld event, when the legendary Redguard warrior Sai Sahan hid the Amulet of Kings there to keep it safe from the grasping hands of Mannimarco. The Amulet was recovered by a group of heroes and used to vanquish Molag Bal, and it eventually made its way back to Sancre Tor for safekeeping, guarded by the concealing magics of the Holy Mountain.

When the young general Talos Stormcrown was actively trying to unite Tamriel for his liege Cuhlecain of Falkreath, a Breto-Nordic alliance fortified Sancre Tor and intended to use it as a base of operations to crush the Imperials. Using his legendary cunning, general Talos drew the attention of the Breto-Nordic forces towards a large army massing nearby, while he and his elite thanes entered the Tor through a secret passage revealed to Talos through a vision. There, they easily forced the surrender of the Breto-Nordic leaders, and Talos received the Amulet of Kings, which fit around his neck quite easily. Seeing this and hearing his Thu'um, the Nords knelt and called him Dragonborn, pledging their allegiance to him. The Bretons remained defiant, and were summarily executed.

It is said that when Tiber Septim passed away, his own remains were interred here, along with his ceremonial armor. Soon after, however, the angry spirit of Zurin Arctus was said to have cursed the place. Four elite Blades were sent to drive the evil away, but they never returned. Eventually, the Champion of Cyrodiil arrived on a quest from Martin Septim, the final descendant of the Septim bloodline. He needed the divine blood of our father Talos to help complete a ritual to defeat Mankar Camoran and end the Oblivion Crisis. After laying the angry spirits to rest and retrieving the armor, the Champion left Golden Hill in peace. It is said that Martin Septim wore the armor of Tiber Septim during the Battle of Bruma, where he courageously helped hold the front line, channeling the spirit of his forebears  - Alessia, Reman and Tiber. Thus is the legendary power of Sancre Tor. It once again stands empty and silent, though pilgrims occasionally pass by to offer their prayers to the Emperors and Saints interred within. We’ll need the blessing of Alessia to endure the difficult times that lay ahead, but Sancre Tor has never let us down yet. Remember this in your prayers, and give thanks to Shezarr and the Divines.

(Writing: Pilaf the Defiler / Art: Lady Nerevar)

We’re pleased to announce that Beyond Skyrim: Bruma will feature over 3000 lines of voiced dialogue - and that number will continue to climb higher between now and release!

For those who haven’t yet heard it, enjoy this sample of some of the voice talent you’ll be hearing during your adventures through Bruma and the Jerall Mountains.

(Artwork by theminttu)

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