A Wild Pokemon Question Appeared on Jeopardy

When it comes to video game questions on Jeopardy, contestants tend to turn in some hilariously wrong answers (and even if they don’t, the internet will just photoshop them into something funny). On November 28th, Nintendo once again snuck onto the trivia show.  Although only one contestant answered this correctly, the other two answers were at least logical guesses.

The first contestant answered correctly and ended up winning the round. Satoshi Tajiri was so invested in his insect-collecting hobby as a kid that he was nicknamed “Mr.Bug”

The second contestant answered with “Splat”, which is a board game where you squish bugs made out of play-dough. The game came out in 1992, which puts it relatively close to the target year, so it’s not such a bad guess considering it didn’t specifically have to be a video game.

The final contestant answered with Centipede, which is an Arcade game published by Atari that came out in 1980, 16 years before the date in the clue. If I wanted to nit-pick, I could also point out that centipedes technically are not insects because they have more than six legs.

Although only 1 of 3 contestants got it right, they made respectable guesses and it doesn’t appear that any of them will have the misfortune of becoming an internet meme for all eternity like this photoshopped Jeopardy answer:

Take two empire captives who were taken separately from one another and are kept as prisoners together because of same high priority. Empire believed that they won’t cooperate effectively. They had another take on the matter.

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