Ravenclaw HeadCanon

-So I was on my couch last night while my Ravenclaw roomie (@thisonetimeonmeridian) was going through Harry Potter Character Riddles, and she was really pissed off about one she was stuck on. And It got me thinking about competitive Claws. 

-But really imagine like two Ravenclaws debating over who is more clever over dinner. Eventually one of their friends is like “Why don’t you just do a competition with the dorm door?”

-Because debates over who is more clever happen ofter the entrance to the Ravenclaw Dorms will hold a small competition of 11 riddles, which is similar to Jeopardy. 

-The two students stand on either side of the entrance while it asks the riddles. The student who hits the wall next to them first answers the riddle first. First Ravenclaw to 6 correct answers is deemed the winner.

-These two refuse to stop after 11 however because each time it comes to an end the looser is unhappy with the outcome and demands a rematch!

-This goes on for hours and hours, until even the door is sick of giving them riddles and demands that they both get over themselves and get inside before they are locked out for the night. 

-They decide to tuck in for the night.

-Ravenclaws on the quidditch team or who love watching quidditch getting together to create new plays and ways to fool the other teams. 

-Every time they use one of these new plays and win against Gryffindor, Wood demands a rematch because he is sure that they somehow cheated. 

-After reviews of the game and the rules it is discovered that they didn’t break any rule. They are careful to be fair, but also cleverer than everyone else on the pitch. 

-Muggle born Ravenclaws teaching other wizards black jack and betting. One thing they don’t teach the others? Probability and card counting. 

-All the pure blood students who go up against the muggle born Ravenclaws are convinced they are cheating with magic, because they are unbeatable. 

-They are in no way cheating, just using math that no one else knows. 

-Muggle born Ravenclaws suddenly constantly having money because Slytherins and Gryffindors keep playing them convinced they can beat the, but in the end just loosing their money, because the Ravenclaws don’t like loosing and make sure id doesn’t happen!



~Your Manager of Mischief, Erika