jeongok asked:

Yeah, I was striving for the vip + otl and I got standing too, my legs are weak af tbh

omg let’s huddle together and make a mega person and survive this together or something. our feet are gonna hurt so bad omg but the worth of it all ahhhhh just think of the boys just think of the boys


So I was tagged by bulletproof-society to do the 20 beautiful people tag that I have put off for soooo long until now.haha. I was feeling cute today, so I decided to fulfill this tag.xD I apologize for a messy bed! I share a room with a messy, older

I’ll tag a few people: miraclesofnini; marshmellowcookie; jeongok; jeonkukie; whisperedscenarios; jaksunshine; cutetaehyung; sweetaehyung; minsugapd

You all don’t have to do it, but the world should see your beautiful faces~ (especially nini and trisha byeee)

jeongok asked:

Same here ;; you got the standing floor or reserved balcony?^

i got standing which i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally strongly did not freakin want but i mean what are you gonna do right? what did you get?