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This is my 2nd follow forever and I’m doing it, because I reached my next hundred followers~

Firstly I want to thank my followers for following me. Without you all wouldn’t have made so many friends!

Dear eonnies, umma, oppa, chingus and leader,

thank you for supporting me and my blog, I know only a few of you know my big dream and some of us share it. Thank you for supporting my dream and to Bambi, hwaiting~


Uyen eonnie, first of saranghaeyo. Our mums think we’re too lesbian to each other, but hey ho, I’m still straight. lol Thankyuhyun for supporting me, I know I can be a poop at times, but thanks for not running away from me! ♥


Dear Bambi/Leader, oh Bambi we share the same dream and I never thought I’d meet anyone like you, you’re like the big sister I never had! I felt as if I could really connect to you. Saranghae Bambi~ 


Eonnie! Why don’t we talk anymore? I love you, you’re the first person to help me fight for my dream. Let’s talk again!


Oppa. Why do I have to call you oppa? Besides that, saranghaeyo! Umm….let’s stay friends forever!


Ahh, you’re so cute, I just want to squish you! Look out for the tags, haha!


We’re the same age and nationality! How cool is that?! Let’s get to know get to know each other better and become even better friends! Saranghae chingu!


Eonnie, I know you’re not always online, but thank you as well! Kiwians forever!

Others I’d like to thank:

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blanktaeh, taehood, jeongoks, yoonsaur, parkjmn, janitorjimin, jpony, taerrection, gtfoyoongi, hoseokshorse, hoseok-wants-the-v, bwiyomi, rapmon-dongsaeng, jungghoseokk, rap-moanster bubbletaehyung kimnamboobs yoongiboo namjoonvevo ziminz bwihob jimins-butt tae-kooks vtoxicated jeonggu vhyung hoebi deerjimin teyhyung rapmunsta taehyeonq sugafuck taehyyng dumbtae alientae sugabae sugamoanster jiminternet blush-rabbits-wonderland bangtaning namjinlove vtamin j-helpless bulletproofsuga rabmonster sweetyoongi

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dyosoo, jongins yixings-piggy mnseok xiummn entertwine yixingbang oh-luhans-ass keuriseu incrediyeol creepy-luhan xing-xing-the-high-unicorn exolutely suhotness kirstao ballaydeer chicken-is-not-my-style shi-bal-always damthemboys everythingkrislol xehunter minstocking zitaoa xiumania cheolyans i-touched-kais-butt cutesy-kyungsoo exottraction

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fyukjae vyonce zelo jongeops jackseons leootastic chakawaii rapmemester zelois2fab4u taek-young gr8u jangbyul nbin tempestuousxx thebaekfastclub leo-the-sleepy-lion chaootic leejieun z-co onpout kyungold  dubufulkoala oppa-touch-my-butt marktuon thechickenqueennnn ken-knows-the-nose bvixx yg-boys gumvi b-ijoo leo-hyuks haekey bangblockbaptan welovehaehyuk onlyloveeunhae singgyus ironthekrease wootrick themonsterguk woorijongsuk kapoop district-kaisoo

hello everyone! it’s my 15th birthday today and i thought why not as well make a follow forever. i’ve reached 1.3k followers and i know that might not be a lot but for me i’m so happy that i’ve achieved so much, even though, i suddenly changed theme into pastel/graphic. i’ve been a terrible blogger who posts things a couple times a day and i’m so sorry but i’m sure i’ll post more in the future and maybe edit some crappy graphics haha!

i didn’t get around to congratulate and thank the amazing blogs i follow but now it’s the time. i’m so happy that they fill my dashboard with happiness and sometimes sadness hahah (bangtan) and also sharing music, fanfics, stories and achievements. orz i’m getting so greasy uggh sorry! the amazing graphics i’m so envious and amazed by, like how to be like senpai?? the gifs and edits are just so beautiful ; n ; i’m so grateful to follow your amazing blog, love you! 

and also, i’d like to thank my followers who have stayed with me since my transition with fandoms and themes. i’m so happy you guys still like my blog after all these changes. i’m so happy that you like or reblog my shitty graphics or text post or basically anything. i’m also thankful that you guys didn’t unfollow me when i was semi-hiatus due to school or when i just didn’t go on tumblr. i appreciate every single one you followers, love you!

to all my awesome mutuals who still follow me for some reason like whaat?? but thanks for following me and love you!!! also, i apologise if i haven’t talk to all of my mutuals because im hella shy-ish ;;

so, i love all the blogs i follow, my followers and my mutuals! thank you and i love you!!! (well that was a crappy ending for my first follow forever)

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03two 41km ahnjaehyun ahnjaehyeon cecui* daeumjellygongzhu kfkx* lovepox ninifuni-365 sangstersource seouladdiction shuckfaceparadise the-storyweaver thominho

OKAY if some of you noticed , i changed my url. previously it waskimtaetastichyung.So this is my first ever follow forever. i’m really bad at this i’m sorry. otl otl but since my followers kept increasing (ideky cos i am not cool man, orz i even lost a follower.sorry to disappoint you -whoever you might be- orz ) and i even met uhmazing people here /whispers/ i love you/, i decided why not making one ( /)u(\ ) hihihi i want to thank all of you for making my dash looks so fab with your reblogs and edits, and some of you even consider me as a friend /cries/ thank you (❁´‿`❁)*✲゚* Also, i haven’t talk to some of you , we should talk more omg . well my ask is ALWAYS open hehe . i hope in future we can just talk and chat and just chill : ) 

i’m sorry i might forget to mention some of you.i hope you’re not mad (╯︵╰,) ofc i love each and everyone of you ( ˘ ³˘)❤ 

you guys can visit my blogroll for more uhhhmazing blog and wonderful people

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oh ya some of you can hover over your url cos i left some notes for y’all ~(˘▾˘)~

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wealthyhousewife - welovebtswinflatable - winner-94 - woofuckingjiho - xkarissaayghigh -yoongiboo

————-AND OFCOURSE————-

My irl babies , good friends , bffs <3 they helped me alot… like ALOT  i love you guys (•ˇ‿ˇ•)-→ bitsofstuffs - gyuishy - joonmyeonss


Happy birthday to me~ Happy birthday to Taeyang but most importantly happy birthday to me haha ahhh yes I turned 21 today and I still feel like a child so lets just leave it as that for awhile lol I thought a follow forever would be nice since I haven’t done one since new years^^ I’ve been on tumblr for like 3 years now, so that’s 3 birthday’s I have shared on here and the experience have been cray. My list of groups that I listen to had grown and now it has shrunk because Bangtan rules everything in my life otl

And happy birthday to Yongbae~ Big Bang was the first group that got me real into kpop and they will forever be number 1 in my heart so bless, I hope he had a great day and alsdfjksldkjfld his solo jfc don’t get me started ok bye

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Blogs that make my dash wonderful \^0^/

deer-jinwoo | fabulousuga | janitorjimin | hopebts | hobikiu | j-hopegifs | shoulder-hyung | btseok | bwiyomi | xiumania | kimseokjins | hoebi | jeongoks | sugafuck | rapmon-dongsaeng | blamewinner royaltaehyung | ohhoseoks | blush-rabbits-wonderland | bangtan-juseyo | bangtannoonas | ziminz | vvhope | taetaemag | taehyng | bangblockbaptan| hoesoks | amIno | yg-boys | lion-lee | asdfghobi | jjnwoo | ygboys-ot11 | wooing-jiho | do-minho | j-helpless | wealthyhousewife | ofzico | bombtan | sweetyoongi | bbomb | jung-koookzicovalicious | vangtan | eatjungkookie | holkseo | woojihoee | jh0pe | ughdaesung | jihho | seugnri

thank you thank you~ ◠‿◠

❝  It’s been 7 months since I’ve started a kpop tumblr, and i’m happy to say that I don’t regret it one bit. Most of you might know me as bangtaned or holitaes, until I got hacked last December 19, 2013 /sobs/ ~ But the past is past and I decided to make a new blog, and thus, hoebi was born!  

I think it’s time I made another follow forever for those people who have made my Kpop life feel like a 2nd home, and never fail to make my dash so bubbly and always A+ because of their posts, edits and what not! + I’m nearing 1k followers again which makes me want to cry bc I don’t deserve any of you. ;n;

 ♡ Thank you for being amazing! Thank you for being who you are! Thank you for being there for me! I hope you have a great day today and please know that I will always be here for you!  ♡

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Also! I’d like to point out the amazing people behind bts-gfx, the greatest members of Taehyung Network and such hardworking fellow admins in dailygot7 for being such amazing, talented and and beyond friendly. Thank you for accepting me and what not. /clings to you all/

This is my 2nd follow forever (bc i’m near my next thousand and i have free time so i made it in advance) ~ My first one was 8 months ago. Now I made a proper graphic. (the previous one was REALLY ugly tbh) hihihii I added most of the people I’m following. I’m sorry if I forgot you T_T or misspelled your url…. (the urls are color coded if you haven’t noticed)  I want make those ‘hover for message’ thingy but I’m not close with most of you.. ;A; ((blogroll))

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flowerboyzico choi-jae asixns got7s bam-baams zelow jjangjo
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himdaes changjeo jsoeks kittyinabarrel bang-tan cnus ljjang jimins
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joe-on b2stbaby dae-jae junhyungxx snugjae lickjoe kais-dick
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k-popp b1ap

Biggest Fans: yooa1 | jeosychi | red-shoes-pink-shoes | royalplrates

i really hope you forgive me for making that shitty header thing. the blood splatters were a real pain to put so the first follow forever!!1 turned out really simple. so yeah.

i recently hit my 300 followers here, hence the header thingy, so i decided to make this for my senpais.

all of you are my senpais and i love you all ♥, so the only urls that have like this special legend thing are my mutuals. ^^ they’re the ones that are bolded.

➸ A-H

alientae, b-ijoo, bangblockbaptan, bangtansyd, blush-rabbits-wonderland, bu-ko, bubblet-ea, bulletsuga, bwiyomi, cappuccitae, cuteyoongidae-suga, daegutaes, dumbtae, fantasticbabyexo, fiftyshadesoftaehyung, fvkin-bangtangmints, gxldenmaknae, hersheyjerzey, hoebi, hoseok-wants-the-v

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so yeah that’s about it. and i’m aware that i did not put all my followings here, i have like 200+, it would be too hard to do that. and i did that on my other blog, and i ended up unfollowing most of them for reasons i rather not mention here. but that doesn’t mean i will eventually unfollow those that are not here, nope. this post is for the blogs that i am very much thankful to for making my dash much much alive and lovely than it was months ago. i hope i get to talk to all of you soon! xx

❝12:45, bout that time. Lol no, jk. Lame attempt at a joke aside, this is my second follow forever, obviously, lol. I’d just like to thank all of my followers for putting up with me and my weird “let me reblog a shit load of pics in under five minutes then stop” thing I do a lot and my awkward “sense of humor”. And for the people that follow me for my scenarios, I know I’ve been slacking and I’ll try to write the requests you send in to the best of my ability. But yeah, I don’t follow too many people so like the first one, this one will be short and sweet as well. Also a BIG thanks to these wonderful people who make my dash all pretty and what not lol. ^^❞

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**some of the urls didn’t work when I checked if it was a mutual follow even though they’re linked correctly so, if you’re on here and follow me but aren’t bolded, sorry!

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Hello guys, Ina here. Today, May 18th is my birthday. Happy Birthday Ina! lol So, this is my 2nd follow forever since I created this blog on February 6th 2014. I was rushing when I made this. I’m truly sorry. Plus, I don’t know how to edit prettily /facepalm/

Okay, lets get started. Firstly, I would like to thank these wonderful girls for treating me as a friend. It is really nice talking to you /smiling/

nojimin   taernado   jeongoks   youngjiae 

And also these amazing bloggers who keep posting pretty and cool stuffs.

taehyng   jung-koook   vhyung   romanticvirus   teyhyung   hoseokz   hyunkookie   kimnamboobs   seokshine   rapmunsta   vlientae   sugafuck   vubbletae   bantagn   jkillersmile   sweetyoongi   dohdoro   hoebi   hersheyjerzey   bangtaning   bwiyomi   jiminips   yoonsaur   btseok   fabulousuga   bwironman   vtaemins   hoseokh 

please check out my blogroll if you want to see more blogs.

To my followers,

thank you very much for being so amazing. I’m very sorry if you have to stand with my craps. You’re a beautiful ARMY. keep supporting BTS and their songs :) I LOVE YOU. 

Hi everyone ^^

It’s been a year that I have this blog, so i’m gonna make my first follow forever yaayay :D

These blogs that I adore so much ^^
thank youu for making my dashboard amazing and fabulous, and ofcourse being such a great blogger <333

akiiwink ♡ aiseu-treebaobeipiglet ♡ byabo ♡ bbuing-bbuinggcountesskrystal ♡ cute-k-fashion ♡ ceci-tea ♡ cinnamoffee ♡ diziiii ♡ dear-luhannie ♡ doriimer ♡ everlasting-tian ♡ elixin ♡ 


feiyuann ♡ gyokii ♡ ha-roro ♡ haneulea ♡ hachii-i ♡ hoonsena ♡ jeongoks ♡ j-aehyun ♡  kawaii-stuffs-kawaiikimcheexx ♡ k-iseu ♡ kinseii ♡ kawaiicandieskomaru-wak-yeomi


love-cross ♡ miraibear ♡ melon-tii ♡ ministrings ♡ momoirochi ♡ mangobun ♡ momo-tea♡ miklyjune ♡ nunjangmi ♡ ohmichii ♡ oktokkioppositebluepretty-yayoi ♡ pandahjessie ♡ pingkeuyu ♡ pekoriin 


s-eoulwings ♡ s-tarlitseouladdictionseo-caffeinestrawberiilysimply-lovilys-e-o-u-l-m-a-t-ethe-beautyof-simplicitytheonlyjutsun-paixiqingxxyuri-chanxxxinnieexiaoriin

People I know in real life ~


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