tag yourself — you make my dawn

good to me: playful nudges to the shoulder, dancing on the streets, humming tunes, knowing looks, subtle grazing of skin, butterflies in your chest, long phone conversations, playing hard to get

home: nostalgia, longing looks, dying to be loved, dimly lit spaces, hopeful wishing, concealed sadness, bottled up feelings, walking alone at night

hug: tender gazes, sleepy smiles, falling asleep in someone’s arms, singing lullabies, gentle touches, forehead kisses, rain, silent i love you’s

chilli: neon lights, not minding the flow of time, laidback parties with close friends, staying up at night, goofy smiles, bopping to lowkey music, game nights, fever dreams

shhh: sneaking out at night, passionate gazes, sensual dancing in the middle of the club, sloppy kisses, tempting whispers, drunken nights, messy hair, ‘do you trust me?’

getting closer: sacrificing to satan, no sense of reality, ripped clothes, leather and chains, intense gazes, lip biting, multiple piercings, mood swings

in the description of home by seventeen, they compare home to the feelings when loved ones are together and that any obstacle can be conquered as long as you’re relying on each other

and i think that’s beautiful.

what each you made my dawn song feels like to me;

good to me: makes you want to jump around the room until you’re too tired to even stand. makes you think you can dance, even though you cant. makes you feel like you’re at an amusement park waiting for the roller coaster, the feeling of excitement. 

home: the feeling of coming home after a good day spent with friends. reminiscing on old memories, and smiling at old photographs. the feeling of contentment, like you have no worries in the world.

hug: makes you feel vulnerable, but safe at the same time. you cant help but want to roll under your bed covers and cry. the feeling of letting all the emotions you had pent up out. 

chilli: the feeling of laughing until your stomach hurts. like road trips with no destination in mind, just going wherever you think looks interesting. stopping at a small burger place and staying there for hours, just hanging out with your friends.

shhh: the feeling of walking out the house in a new outfit, knowing you look good. like dancing in neon lighting, feeling confident, like you can take over the world.