Marguerite ~ Recap

A/N: Just in case you couldn’t tell: the subtitles are fake

— Fuckboy! Jungkook social media au —

After a random number texts you on yet another night, where you’re just staying home at your dorm, you find yourself talking to an annoying, but very determined frat boy, who likes a challenge more than anything… Even if he doesn’t know who you are.

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190118 BTS Official’s Weibo Post

放不下中文会话 (Can’t Let Go Of Chinese) Ep. 25

[#放不下中文会话#] 热烈庆祝两周年 🍻
#已经是个成熟的会话了# #尬聊继续#

[#Can’tLetGoOfChineseConvo#] Warmly Celebration the 2nd Anniversary  🍻
#It’sAlreadyAMaturedConvo# #AwkwardTalkContinues#

SJ: Jungkook, do you know when this segment of Chinese Conversation started? 
JK: Wait a minute… it’s been a while, right? 
SJ: It started on January 2017. It’s already the 2nd anniversary. 
JK: The 2nd anniversary. Congratulations ! 
SJ: Congrats !
SJ: Do you still remember who it was that starred in the first episode ? 
JK: About this… is it you, hyung ?
SJ: That’s right. And who else? 
JK: Jimin-ssi? 
SJ: Correct answer.
JK: Thank you everyone for always watching our Chinese Conversations, with our lack of Chinese in a wondering light.  
SJ: That’s right.
SJ: To be able to make ARMYs happy through these videos, our hearts are satisfied.
SJ & JK: BTS’s Chinese Conversation will continue brilliantly. 

Trans cr: Nadia @ allforbts
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Sinners & Saints | myg (3)

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GENRE: streetracer!yoongi x mechanic!reader + angst


WARNING(S): foul language (nothing new here).

DISCLAIMER: i do not know all the nuts and bolts that go into car repair, i only know the basics, i’m doing the best that i can with the limited information.

SUMMARY: Street racing had become a trend of law breaking individuals with a goal to be the best and to make it known. You became tangled with the wrong crowd, and now in a need of money, you were left to fend for yourself against the most notorious of them all, Jaehyeong. But an unlikely friendship with Yoongi provided a means for a happy ending, or so you thought.

The sun rose over the hills in the distance, eliminating the street lights, spreading across the earth that thickened the shadows of buildings. Explosions in the sky of purple and pink concealed all and any flaws, making this deserted place seem like a corner of heaven, despite that it was not made of luxury. You sat on the ledge of the building upon the dew from the previous night, feet dangling until your heels clicked against the metal, body slightly trembling from the cool gusts of wind that moved leaves from the trees. The faint scent of paint fumes tainted your jacket and fingertips, some color even decorating your shoes, leaving to be a reminder that you were often at work and nothing else. One job was completed while a dozens others piled up. In need of a break you isolated yourself from the group to the designated hideout spot on the roof, among the glimpses of another life you could see but not grasp.

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Pairing: Jeongguk X Reader

Word count: 501

Genre: Fluff

Warning(s): None

If anyone asked you how you’d be spending your Thursday night, you might’ve answered with studying or eating, maybe even sleeping, but you would have never guessed this. You and your boyfriend were sprawled out on the bedroom floor, markers in hand, drawing whatever came into mind as soft music played in the background. 

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“I need somebody to remember my name

After all that I can do for them is done

I need someone to remember me

I need something bigger than the sky

Hold it in my arms and know it’s mine.”

…gray jungkook