jeong yoonho


Jung Yunho…



The Ho-ster.




Our precious Leader-sshi…

The words I have to say to you are far too great and I’m sorry that I can not express myself in such a way at this moment. *sigh* Yunho, you mean so much to me. And despite the fact that you are not my bias, you… after Joongie, have been the one to change me the most. What I’ve tried to be, since falling in love with this band named DongBangShinKi, is a person I know you could be proud of. I know it might sound lame to someone who doesn’t understand but… You are such an amazing man. Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe it. You are just… you set the standard real high for what I should expect and want in a man. You are so kind, from the beginning, you’ve always been so kind and generous. I think it was when I saw that video when the other members pulled a prank on you without your knowledge, and your true colors showed then. Despite not having known the girl, you did not hesitate to pretend to be her cousin and insist she didn’t steal the money. You came to her rescue. And you always come to Cassiopeia’s rescue.

Although there was a period where I was upset and disappointed in you for saying what you had said… I’ve made peace with it because if anything, I’ve learned that I can always trust you. You’ve always been loyal to DongBangShinKi, the members, and Cassiopeia. I’ve gotten to a place where I do not doubt you because, well obvious with an IQ as high as 140, I know your not stupid. So I strongly do believe that things will get better because you even said it yourself, you would not give up. Not on yourself, not on us, and not on your four brothers. And although we all don’t know the extent of the current issue, I believe you are trying your best to doing what you believe is right.

And despite what others may think, I know you love all four of them to this day. I know that before yourself, you think of them and your family (well that have become part of your family, as you said). And the day will come where your promise of bringing them together again will be fulfilled.

But until that day comes where you all become one again, please continue to follow your dreams. Sing until you can sing no more. Dance until your body breaks. And love until you have no more love to give.

Jung Yunho, I am so proud of you. Your vocals have improved, and although you may feel pressured and stressed, you are getting the chance to shine like you deserve.

And although I continue to have mixed feelings about this because I feel that there are many different aspects of it… thank you for keeping the name DongBangShinKi alive. However, I want you to know that we follow the members not the name. Whatever you wanted to have gone by, we would have followed in supported. It was not the name that we fell in love with. It was the people. And I’ll just leave it at that.

And I know you’re not perfect. You make mistakes just like any other human, and even when you do, even when you anger me or make me sad I will always love you. Always. Like I said, we all are like family and family gets on each others nerves sometimes but we never stop loving.

Yunho, you have faced many hardships in your life. And I’m sorry. I wish that we all could have taken your pain away when fell from that tree or that 4 story apartment or had that car crash or gotten beat up and stolen from or when you got that infection in your throat and had to have surgery or when that anti poisoned you… Jung Yunho, you who have gone through so much… how is that you continue to smile?

Whatever your trick is, I’m glad and I hope it’s working for you.

Yunho, although everyone a part of the DongBang fandom may not have you as their bias, I feel that most, if not all of us, have a soft spot for you. Because you are you. The Jung Yunho who is caring, loving, protective, strong, and thoughtful, is the Jung Yunho that all of us look up to and love. You represent the man we should all strive for, the father that we want our children to have, the brother to always protect us, the friend who will always listen and support us, and the lover who will remain loyal and love us for eternity.

It was destiny that you were brought into this world and endured many adversities to become the man that you are… to become the Leader of TVXQ, the Leader of Cassiopeia… you are our solider. Our Solider who has many scars (literally).

Our Solider who will never give up, Jung U-Know Yunho, happy birthday. 

No matter how many years pass, till when you’re 30, 40, 60 or 90, you will remain Cassiopeia’s Solider and will always remain beautiful and wonderful.

I love you.


My gift for YunHo’s birthday :)!

That’s all I want to say with him :X!

YunHo is the best in my world ♥

Jagi ah ~ stay strong and always be happy neh ♥

I love you ♥