jeong seon

Giriboy- 성인 (Adult) eng trans

**this is a rough translation i made, enjoy!

[Verse 1]
넌 아직도 그 일을 하고 있니
are you still doing the same thing?
neon ajikdo geu irreul hago inni

난 아직도 그 일을 하고 있지
i’m still doing the same thing
nan ajikdo ge irreul hago itji

나름대로 잘 돼서
i am living well in my own way
na reum dae reo jal dwae seo

나는 너무 행복한데
i am very happy now but
na neun no mu haeng bok han dae

생각이 너무 많아
i have too many thoughts
saeng gak yi neomu mana

밤에는 못 자고 있지
so i havent been sleeping well
bam eh neun mot ja go itji

아무런 상관없는 너가
you who are irrelevant in any way
ah mu ron sang guan ob beun no ga

너무 바빠 다 잊고
as i was so busy i forgot about everything
nomu pabba so da it go

생각 안 나던 너가
you who I dont remember at all
saeng gak an na don no ga

너에게 말한 바람들을 다 이루고 나서야
after the winds that were talking to u rose up
neo eh gae mal han baram deul eun da irugo naseoya

내팽개친 순수함을
my innocence that i have thrown away
nae ppaeng gae chin soon su ham eul

난 다시 주워 담고 있지
i picked it up and embraced it again
nan da si ju wo dam go itji

얼마 전 너의 번홀 찾았어
a few days back i found your phone number
eolma jeon neo eui bonho chatjasseo

다행이야 나도 번호를 안 바꿔서
fortunately, I didnt change my phone number too
dahaeng yi ya na do beonho reul an ba ggwuo seo

혹시 이건 미련일까
is this because i still have lingering feelings for you
hok si yi geon mi ryeon ill kka

한참 생각해봤지만
i thought about it for a long time and
han cham saenggak hae bwat ji man

이건 그냥 생각나서에
it was just because i was reminded about you
yi geon geun yang saeng gak na so eh

조금 더 가까워
a little closer
jo geum deo ka gga wo

이런 날이 올까 상상도 못 했어 난
i would never have imagined that these days will come one day
yi reon nal yi ol gga sang sang do mothaesseo nan

예전에 우리 치고 박고
in the past we were always fighting
ye jeon e woori chi go bak go

난리도 아니었잖아
it was a mess wasnt it
nali do ani yeotjanna

그래 그땐 그게 정말 최선의 방법이었어
yea at that time it was the best solution for us
geurae geuddaen geu ge jeong mal cheoi seon eh bang bob yi yeosseo

지금은 절대 겪을 수 없는 큰 감동이었어
until now it is still remains as a touching moment
jigeum eun jeoldae geokkeul su eobneun keun gamdong yi yeosseo

많은 시간이 흐르고 난 후에 난 달력을 보네
after a long time has passed, i looked at the calendar
manneun sigani heureugo nan hu eh nan dallyeok eul bo nae

그냥 생각이 나서
it was just that i remembered abt u
geun yang saenggak yi nasseo

그냥 생각이 나서
it was just that i remembered abt u
geun yang saenggak yi nasseo

우린 다른 곳에서 똑같은 아침과 밤을 보네
we are spending the same mornings and nights at different places
woorin dareun geot esseo ddeok katteun achim gua bam eul bo ne

그냥 생각이 나서
it was just that i remembered abt u
geun yang saenggak yi nasseo

그냥 생각이 나서
it was just that i remembered abt u
geun yang saenggak yi nasseo

[Verse 2]
I’m fine 너가 없는 도시에서
I’m fine in a city without you
I’m fine neo ga eobneun dosi esseo

꿀리면 안 돼
no i cant get shaken up
gguullimeon andwae

흐르는 눈물 모른 척 했어
i was acting like i wasnt crying
heureuneun nunmul moreun cheokhaesso

다 소용없는 짓 괜찮은 척
i did all the unnecessary useless things, acting like i was fine
da soyong eobneun jit gwaenchaneun cheok

메마른 몸의 예쁜 여잘 쟁취하는 것
even though my thirsty body was craving for pretty girls
mey mareun meom ei yebbeun yeojal jaeng chwi haneun got

근데 그것도 별로
but it was just not good enough
geunde geugeotdo byeoleo

오래 못 가더라고
i cant live with it any longer
orae mot ga do ra go

갈 사람은 가고
people who had to go, have gone
kal saram eun kago

일만 배신 안 하더라고
only work wont betray
il man baeshin ahn hadeorago

그래서 너무 빨리 달린 거야
thats why i was running so fast
geuraeseo neomu ppali dallin geoya

그래서 지금 너에게 창피를 팔리는 거야
thats why now i’m being so embarassing to you
geuraeseo jigeum neoyegae changpireul ppallineun geoya

뭐 니가 어떤 여자였건 아무 상관도
whatever kind of girl you have been, it doesnt matter
mwo niga otteon yeoja yeottdeon ahmu sangguandeo

돈이 필요하다거나 어떤 바람도
심심해서도 아냐
its not bcs i need money or i need something or i was bored
doni pilyohadageona odeon baramdo simsim haeseodo anya

그냥 생각이 나서
its was just bcs i remembered abt u
geunyang saenggaki nasseo

그냥 생각이 났어
it was just bcs i remembered abt u
geunyang saenggaki nasseo

갑자기 정신 나갔어
i was out of my mind for a sudden
kapjagi jeongsin nagasseo

지금 생각해보면
if we think abt it now
jigeum saenggak hae bo myeon

우린 잘못한 건 없어
we did nothing wrong
woorin jalmeothan geon eobsseo

그저 변해가며 고쳐갈 뿐
it was only bcs we changed and we were just fixing it
geujeo byeonhaegamyeo gochyeogal bbun

뭐라 할 건 없어
there was nothing we can do
mwora halgeon eobsseo

난 다시 태어났어
i was reborn again
nan dasi taeyonasseo

많은 경험 후에
after going through a lot of experiences
mahneun gyeongheom hu eh

널 미워한 게 후회돼
i regret hating you
neol miwohangae hu hwae dwae

전부 똑같은데
everything is still the same
jeonbu ddeok katteunde

*repeat [hook]

[Verse 3]
아무런 이유도 없어
without any reasons
ah mureon yiyudo eobsseo

너를 보는 게
i am looking at u
neoreul bo neunge

아무런 조건도 없어
without any conditions
ah mureon jogon do eobsseo

너를 보는 게
i am looking at u
neoreul bo neunge

우리 서로 사랑하지 않잖아
we dont love each other right?
woori soro saranghaji ahnjanna

우린 이제는 머리를 쓰잖아
this time we are using our brains, right?
woorin ijen meorireul sseu janna

생각 없이 웃자
lets laugh without thinking
saenggak eobssi utja

그냥 생각 없이 웃자
just laugh without thinking abt anything
geunyang saenggak eobssi utja

생각 없이 웃자
laugh without thinking at all
saenggak eobssi ut ja

*repeat [hook]

I’m fine thank you and you

*take out with full credit thanks

anonymous asked:

Is there a difference between chinese ink paintings and korean ones? They look exactly the same to me. Minus when they feature korean architecture and clothing, they can pass as chinese.

While its true that the Korean art style draws a lot from Chinese techniques, there are a number of differences between the Chinese and Korean styles. These differences are best highlighted during the middle of the Joseon dynasty, when the Ming dynasty in China began to collapse. Here are some distinctly-Korean themes in painting.

Landscapes: (Pictured here is General view of Mt. Geumgangsan (금강전도) by Jeong Seon) (This painting has been previously featured on the blog)

The Korean-style landscape paintings are realistic and depict actual views and settings, while Chinese paintings tend to be abstract idealism. 

Depictions of Daily-Life: (Pictured here is Dancing Boy by Danwon, otherwise known as Kim Hongdo) (This was previously featured on the blog)

Again, realism is a theme. Kim Hong-do and Sin Yun-bok were particularly famous for painting normal people doing normal things, which deviated from the usual paintings of people (portraits of members of the court). 

Another thing to keep in mind is that much of our knowledge of Korean art is limited because art was destroyed during occupation and war. For example, we have no examples of secular paintings from the Goryeo Dynasty, even though there are written records describing such paintings. 

I hope this was helpful, and here are some sources if you’re interested in reading more.

Source. Another Source. Source Source on Chinese Landscapes