jeong jun young

talesofthewho asked:

heyya o/ i was wondering if you know any download links to andrew jung (jung junyoung)'s songs and cover songs as well as the bands' ('flowermist' and 'switch-on'). thanks in advance! keep up the awesome work, guys! ;D


Here’s Jeong Jun Young’s discography (albums then songs) and you’ll most likely be able to find download links if you google “정준영 [song title] mp3.” Same for the bands but type their names instead (Flowermist - 플라워미스트, SwitchOn - 스위치온). I’m sorry but I can’t give you each individual download link >< If you really can’t find one then try looking for a YouTube video of it and extract the audio using a site like

Good luck searching! ^^

- Jane