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Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon were one step closer to their wedding on the November 16 episode of ‘We Got Married’.

The couple had their wedding photo shoot, and as expected, they got more than a little lovey-dovey. Yoon Han was blown away by each of the wedding dresses Lee So Yeon tried on, commenting, “Really pretty.” 

Later at the photo shoot, the photographer asked them to kiss each other, but they weren’t able to go through with it. Lee So Yeon said, “A wedding photo shoot was something I’ve dreamed of… I thought it would be nice if it was reality,” and Yoon Han agreed, “It made me want to get married soon.”

As the oldest couple on ’We Got Married’, Lee So Yeon and Yoon Han have taken a more serious approach to their onscreen marriage.

On the October 19th episode, the two discussed what their parents thought of them together. Lee So Yeon shared, “My friends said that they hope it works out between us. My mom said the same. My dad usually doesn’t express himself much, but he told my mom, ‘Our daughter has to hurry up and get married.’”

Luckily, Yoon Han’s side was also supportive of their relationship. He revealed, “It’s the same for me. My father says he thinks you have a good personality.”

Do you think this couple might actually take it offscreen too?

source : allkpop