BTS Jungkook - Body appreciation post

OKAY so like I am Jungkook stan, like huge Jungkook stan LOL And like this post may or may not be long filled with Jungkook photos that kill me and probably will make you weak too… ANYWAY ENJOOOY ^^ -AdminKookie

This post is longer… Sorry not sorry 

First off, his thigs/ legs:

Like look 

Like how can you have these thigs

Like wow


OKAY OKAY, let’s moveee on to his back + the booty and thigs:

Oh my

GOD *cries*


WE HAVE KOOKIE CHEST, which can destroy you:


+ memekook with the collarbone

MOVING ON to that big bootyyy lol

His arms/ hands + veins:



love is not over | jungkook pt.4

word count: 1.8k

genre: angst

all parts

You sat at the table, tea in your hand as you stared at the weather outside. It was raining harshly and the wind was so strong it could practically pull the trees out of their roots.

“Are you ready mummy?” Sunny asks walking into the kitchen, her raincoat on and her backpack over her arms.

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You’re not wrong Jungkook

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BTS As Things My Brother Has Said Pt. 3
  • Seokjin:Honestly the chicken was very dry
  • Yoongi:Wow. I hate her so much that her face is actually making me gag. Shit, I’m going to throw up
  • Hoseok:I just. I think bumblebees are cute
  • Namjoon:Hey guys...I don’t mean to alarm you, but I think I broke my collarbone. Haha. Don’t worry though. Um. Haha. Can...can the hospital i aM IN PAIN
  • Jimin:The best part about dating her is that she’s shorter than me. Even in heels
  • Taehyung:I have an elephant but I can’t show you. It’s private
  • Jungkook:1997 BITCHES!!!!!!!!
  • - Eden (*^3^)/~☆