shoutout to Zach Sang the One (1) and Only true American man… not only did he ask about their unicef campaign but he talked about their music, the meaning behind it, he asKED THEM TO JUST KEEP WRITING KOREAN LYRICS BECAUSE MUSIC IS AN UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE, and not ONCE, I REPEAT, not once did he ask them how they like America so far, what’s their Hollywood crush, favorite american artist, etc etc… He wanted to know about them.

You could see the relief on their faces, especially Namjoon’s, yOU COULD SEE HOW HAPPY AND THANKFUL THAT MAN WAS and he thanked him repeatedly for asking them questions no one else did. thank you Zach 👏


You can't have your cake & eat it too. (m)

;pairing—jeon jeongguk x reader 


;genre— angst, smut, friends w/ benefits

;a/n— one shot??? fic??? idk yet 

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Princess and the Pauper

Originally posted by jjks

Genre: Fluff, romance, smut, a lil but angst

Pairing: Jeongguk x female reader

Word count: 1.1k

Request: can you make drabble about the reader being BTS’ dongseng (little sister) but Jungkook falls in love with her *smut* hello this is the drabble for being the little sister haha can she be bang pd nim’s niece and she’s not related to the boys hihi

A/N: thanks for the request, I think I actually might make this into a series or at least a mini one cause I left it on an Angsty cliffhanger note💕lana💖


“Oppa! You were great!“ Her hands are all over him, fingers stroking his shoulders and her eyes are staring so deeply into his with such passion and love that Jeongguk feels like he could punch a hole in the wall.

“Thanks Y/N.” He’s patting her head as she stares up at him affectionately. Jeongguk knows she’s off limits, they all know for God’s sake, the whole company knows. But of course Kim Taehyung is so enchanting and elegant that even she falls for him. Jeongguk feels like a meagre peasant, while Taehyung is the graceful and charming prince that sweeps the sweet princess off her feet.

“Oppa, really! Don’t tell the others, but I think you did the best.” She coos, Jeongguk heard, the words rang loud and clear through his head.

“We can hear you!” Jimin whines from the couch, towel stuck to his sweaty forehead.

“Maybe you two should just fuck off, I’m getting sick of your cheesiness.” Yoongi says, his face grumpy as he cuddles a cushion.

“Maybe we should, right Y/N?” Taehyung pipes up, arm wrapping around her waist as she nods, anger bubbles in the pit of Jeongguk’s stomach and his heart is cracking.

“Maybe you shouldn’t.” Jeongguk can’t help but snicker as the two of them jump apart and Y/N shyly tucks a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Samchon! I didn’t see you there!” She awkwardly giggles when her uncle gives an eyebrow raise in her direction.

“Taehyung, may I ask what you were doing?” Their boss is stern and his tone is steely.

“Hugging her?” Taehyung flashes him that smile, that smile that can fool anyone and hypnotise them.

“If I see that again Kim, I swear ill beat you up.” He has a smile on his face but there is something so scary and eery about his voice.

“Yes sir!” Taehyung gives him a cheeky grin, the man gives Y/N a glare and continues to talk about the schedule.

“We’ll go back to the dorm now, but I want everyone in bed. We have an early start tomorrow.”


“No! You pressed the wrong button, it’s the other one.” He watches intently as she sits in between Taehyung’s legs holding a controller, he’s helping her, arms wrapped around hers and hands over hers.

‘Stupid hyung, he’s not even that good at overwatch, I can teach her way better.’ Jeongguk grumbles to himself.

“Oppa, you’re just a rubbish teacher! Maybe Jeongguk can teach me better.” Jeongguk’s eyes shoot up and he stares at her mouth wide open as she sits next to him, pulling him closer.

“Y-Y/N, I don’t think we should be doi-“

“Teach me.” She pouts, Jeongguk’s heart melts at the sight of her cute little face.

“I’m going to bed.” Taehyung yawns and as he passes by Jeongguk swears he winks at him. Everyone is in bed, probably sound asleep, then there’s them, him and her, Jeongguk and the beautiful girl, the princess and the pauper.

“Night Oppa!” She calls after him and his bedroom door slams shut. It’s silent for awhile and then she says something off putting. “I know you like me.” Jeongguk chokes on his own spit, coughing as he shakes his head rapidly.

“W-what? Who told you that sort of thing?!”

“Taehyungie Oppa.” She casually speaks, loving the power she has over him.

“Fucking hyung, I’m gonna kill him.” He mutters under his breath, recovering from his choking session.

“I like you too.”


“I said, I like you too.”

“You like me too?” Jeongguk is stunned and he feels so relieved.

“I like you too.” She says one last time before climbing onto his lap and closing the gap between their lips. Jeongguk is speechless and it takes him a few seconds to register the situation, but when he does he’s holding the flesh of her ass and kissing her back vigorously. Y/N lets out a soft whine and Jeongguk pulls away, gesturing for her to be quiet. He knows she can feel his erection pushing into her because the way she grinding against it is so delicious and he wants to moan so bad.

“Hurry up.” She hits his shoulder and Jeongguk glares at her, enjoying the feeling of her pussy rubbing against his cock. Trying not to make a sound, he pushes Y/N onto the soft couch, hands sliding up her shirt. “Take it off.” She whispers and Jeongguk obliges, discarding it onto the floor somewhere.

“You weren’t wearing a bra? How could you sit so close to him without a bra?” He gets closer, face leaning down to suck on her perky nipples.

“Easy access though.” She shoots him a mischievous smile, pushing his head further into her breasts.

A slight whimper escapes her pink lips and Jeongguk trails kisses down her tummy and stopping just above the place she wants him the most. “What do you want princess?”

“You know what I want, just do it.” Y/N whines, fingers pulling his hair closer to her soaked pussy.

“Fuck, you smell so pretty princess. Is it all for me?” She nods shyly at his words, keeping eye contact as he slides down her shorts. Jeongguk starts to think this is a wet dream but when he pulls her panties away the sight is too real. Her pussy, wet just for him, clit throbbing for his attention. He never wants to leave this haven, but then he realises his stupid that would be, he’s never be able to see her gorgeous face and boobs.

“Just do it!” Her hurried whisper is heard from above and Jeongguk dives in, flinging her legs over his shoulders.

It’s dirty, vulgar, filthy, he’s slurping at her juices while lapping at her sensitive little bud, her legs are tightening around his head as she struggles to contain small whimpers. Jeongguk pulls away, shushing her whine, instead he slides two fingers into her tight hole. “Jeongguk,” she whines as he makes a ‘Come here’ motion, “feels so good, I’m gonna cum.”

“Cum for me princess.” He keeps moving his fingers, mouth now sucking at her clit, smiling when she bucks her hips up, coming undone.

“Can I at least see your dick?” She asks bluntly, sitting up legs still trembling from her orgasm. Jeongguk flushes red and she giggles, crawling towards him. “You just tongue-fucked me, I don’t know why you’re getting so embarrassed.” He gasps as she reaches her hand into his boxers, finding his hard cock and pulling it out. “Fuck,”

Y/N whispers in awe, Jeongguk’s cock is not the biggest but god is it a pretty sight, “why didn’t you show this to me sooner?!”

“Maybe because you were too busy kissing somebody’s ass.” Jeongguk snaps back and once again his insides twist when he remembers that in reality he is just a mere slave in contrast to the handsome prince Taehyung.

He doesn’t deserve such a fine princess, she’s too beautiful for a lowly man like him.

I’m so proud

Not only were BTS the 2nd to last performance, they got to queue right before the hall of fame performance of the night by DIANA FUCKING ROSS. Artists that bring in views get this slot which means the west is paying attention and that the The Beatles comparisons are so accurate. Y'all have no idea, I’m so happy. Back in 2013 I NEVER would have expected all of this, I’m so happy for them. They’re reaching new levels, just like they dreamed about.


BTS Reaction: Being Flat Chested

request: being flat chested and insecure about it @marithephangirl

Kim Seokjin

Jin loved absolutely everything about you. He couldn’t understand how shy and distant you’d get when you two were about to get intimate, or even once when you went to a swimming pool, he decided to bring it up.

“I just.. don’t like..them..” you’d say, gesturing to your chest. In your opinion, it was too small.

“Yah, you’re beautiful, Princess. There’s nothing wrong with your Chest.” “Want me to show you how much I love it?”

Min Yoongi

The moment his fingers gripped at the end of your shirt to lift the fabric up, you had stopped him. He was confused as to why, maybe he had done something wrong? When you explained why you reacted like you did he couldn’t help but laugh.

“Babe you’re perfectly fine.” “Let me show you how much I love you, okay?”

Jung Hoseok


He couldn’t quiet understand why you whined so much about your chest. He loved it so much, he couldn’t see your insecurities about it, he thought they were unnecessary.

“You’re beautiful, Y/N, big chest or not.” “I don’t understand why you think like that, I love them.”

Kim Namjoon

He saw the way you were looking at yourself in the mirror, and he didn’t like it. He loved and accepted everything about you, flaws and all. Though he didn’t see you being flat chested as a flaw at all, rather he’d enjoy it.

“Babygirl, I love your Chest, okay?” “I don’t have to worry about other’s looking, and, personally I prefer your also perfect ass.”

Park Jimin

He knew how toxic it could be to think like that. Sure, small insecurities were normal and everybody had those, but they could get out of control if one were to think about it too much and he didn’t want you to go through something like that.

“Please don’t think like that, Baby.” “You don’t need a big chest to be beautiful.”

Kim Taehyung

Much like Jin, he was confused as to why you always seemed to hide yourself when it came to showing your body. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen you naked before, but even then you seemed to shy away from taking off your shirt.

“I’ve seen you naked before.” “It’s not a problem, baby, I love you and your chest so much, okay?”

Jeon Jeongguk

He couldn’t understand at all. He thought you were perfect just the way you were, and, much like Hoseok, he wouldn’t understand why you were thinking like that. He would try his best to show you that you were perfect even without a big chest.

“So what, I’m flat chested too.” “I love your small breasts as much as I would love it if you had a bigger chest.”


Amazing. 👏👏👏👏👏👏 Thank you Zach Sang for respecting BTS as artists by encouraging them to continue producing music in Korean, acknowledging their partnerships with UNICEF, and asking them the important questions.