MyBoy sending me this beautiful message 😍

Home babe did u get my kebabs hahahahah and i choice the right lady to be with. I know u dont think ur beautiful but i do its not the clothes that u dont wear or the make up u dont put on i like u like that cause when we go somewhere special its even more special cause i see you extra beautiful. I know u hate my ex and get jeolus of other girls but when will i even find another girl that would know that letting me going drifitng twice a year will make me stop going and not yelling at me or getting angry makes me love you even more. Tonight when i lost the car i did it on purpose to see what u will say and if u would get angry at me and i want to go out and buy u that ring u want and a house a mastiff dog and call it sugar idc as long as i have u and we make a family. I love you and never meant it so much in my life babe. Hope i didnt worrt u by taking so long to message u hahahahaha