jeoffery lannister

to the person who hacked and leaked all the celebrity photos...

right off the bat…

Just because somebody is a singer, or a model, or stars in movies for a living does not mean that every facet of their life is available for your own personal entertainment.  Once a person achieves celebrity status it becomes far too common for others to behave as though they aren’t still human beings who deserve to be treated with kindness and respect.


Secondly, absolutely nobody deserves to have their privacy so fundamentally violated and their most intimate moments posted on the internet for millions of people to access without their consent.  After all,

Finally, while it may have seemed like some great feat of skill to hack into all these actresses phones and take their personal photos, what you have really taken is their sense of security and their faith in humanity.  At no point did this make you a person worthy of praise or admiration, but rather it made you an example of the very worst sort of person there is… one who takes advantage of women, who bullies anonymously from afar, and who negatively impacts lives with no thought of the consequences.

Ultimately what you have done is completely heinous and I am sickened to my very core.  When this all comes to light, 


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