A sketch of another Kirby fancharacter group pic idea I came up with on my dA page. :0

Contenders from left to right:

- Tylda (who belongs to me)

- Stella (Zap-Zap-Forever)

- Shane (TheEternalFlare)

- Dagger (BlazingCoral)

- Jenzy (Fluffy–Jen)

… and the honorary lid-opener, Echo. Just look at that face. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, MAN!

Poor Stella, getting shoved by Tylda and almost pushed away by Shane. Shane looks like he’s gonna rip up stuff. Dagger looks like he’s gonna go crazy slurping it all up, yet Jen seems to take this playfully yet confidently. Fun stuff!

I’ll leave this for now. Now? I’ll go work on an icon commission >u>

So since human anatomy was going LOL NOPE 8D today i decided to draw some of my guildees (druid buddehs) as how they would be in bat forms. For those who cant read my cursive or cause it got cut off….

Jenzulu- Flying Fox Bat

Jembekk- Egyption Fruit Bat. Big anime eyes cause is Jemby.

Zalmai???- Mouse eared Myotis bat, super glossy fur and fabulous <3


My bats fly like derps XD