jenshii asked:

Than you for posting my gifs~ lol I have 3 more actually XD

I'm thinking of uploading this video and then I'll link you to it, k? XD Spreading more yuya lovee!~ hehe thank you ^^

Oh! Thank you so much, you’re so lucky to have met Yuya! :D We’ll be looking forward to the video, thanks again! ♥

Hands still building castles on a sand hill     
Man chill is what your friends say
But you're not hearin what little men say anyway
Keep on goin and taste the stars
Keep on growin and raise the bar
You're livin life for the A's down to the Z's
After the hill you gotta mountain to seize
You are an overachiever
Do what it takes till it takes everything you are
"Over" - Epik High<

I finally get my own little shelf space lol I have more room in my dresser for my clothes XD My giant diamond from kristinkart. 1/30ish of my actual collection of my manga. The rest is in storage. Only a small portion of my CDs. And my Stephen Colbert book LOL