One of my favourite convention moments ever was at last year’s Vancon. Jared was auctioning off a pack of merchandise from his 30th birthday party and Jensen was helping out. Jared said, if they could get the bidding up to 8,000, he’d throw in Jensen! Every single hand in the audience flew into the air. There was a brief second where Jensen just stared in surprise and then he burst out laughing. Head thrown back, full body laughter. He had to walk away, because he was laughing so much. It was a pure, spontaneous moment. When he finally got himself back together he looked at the audience and said “Aww thank you”. Seriously, he was surprised. How nice is that. That’s the kind of guy he is.

At my first convention I was lucky enough to do Jensen’s jam session with Jason Manns. Jensen was so nervous! He blushed when he made mistakes with the lyric or on the guitar and giggled when he realised how nervous he really was. He talked to us about his family, his friends and how much he misses Danneel when he’s away in Vancouver. As he sang, his inner beauty shone through and we all felt we got a glimpse at the caring and lovely man he is. At the end of the session, he told us how much we all mean to him, how much the fans mean to him and how much he appreciates us. He put his hand over his heart while he spoke and his voice cracked a little as he obviously held back tears. None of us in the small audience bothered to hold back the tears. Jensen’s gracious nature touched us all so deeply, most of us openly cried. It was a moment that will live in my heart forever.

The first time I did a meet and greet with Jensen he answered a question from a fan about what guns they use on set. He got all excited, because he’d just been to a shooting range and Clif had taken a video of him shooting guns. It was on Jensen’s iPhone and he wanted to show us. So he got up and had us all get out of our seats and huddle around him. There were 20 of us, squished into Jensen, looking at his iPhone as he shared this video with us. At the end of the video Jensen turned to the camera and gave the biggest cheesy grin. We all fell about laughing, including Jensen…he also blushed. It was such a fun moment and so trusting of him to let us share it in such close proximity!

The first time I met Jensen, I was super nervous. I spoke so quietly, he had to lean in close to hear me (which didn’t help my nerves!) I absent mindedly hung on to his bicep, which made him smile and laugh. He gave me a great hug and we did another pose, where he pulled a cranky Dean face and then he did a really neat pose for a friend of mine who had to cancel at the last minute. The whole time he looked at me like there was no one else in the room. For the brief time I was with him, he made sure I had his full attention. He was sweet and gracious and respectful and thanked ME at the end of our photos.

When I did Jensen’s meet and greet in Vancouver, there was a gentleman in our group who asked a question as to what Jensen does in his spare time. It was pretty funny, because…he doesn’t get a lot of spare time! So after we all had a good laugh with him, Jensen talked about how he loves photography and how he has a great camera but has got into the habit of using his iPhone. He told us he’d got a great shot of the Impala the other day. Of course we all wanted to see it. So he got down off his seat to show us how he got the photo. He got down on the floor, because it was a shot of the grill. So there’s Jensen, basically lying on the floor, excitedly showing us all how it was for him to get this photo of the Impala. Then he hopped up and came around with his phone and showed each of us the photo…making sure everyone got to see it. He was pretty proud of that photo! He was kind of beaming.