Cockles when it wasn't cockles yet...

It gives me all the feels to think of the first day Jensen met Misha, because the unsuspecting man didn’t know the turn his life was going to take.

Who could have told him that the strange, gorgeous man getting so into character he looked like a weirdo, and who liked to wear dorky sweater was going to change his life. That man, he didn’t bother to befriend the first months and whose name he didn’t care to learn became one of his best friends and certainly more.

That first day, in the set of supernatural season four, seven years ago an angel didn’t just came to Dean Winchester but to Jensen as well. On that first episode of season four, a thunderstorm called Misha Collins took us all by surprise and change our lives too~


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“ACTION!” the director shouted and letting out a small breath you turned to look at Brendon.

Music filled the room again and the dancers all started with the choreography they had to do. Brendon looked down at you with a dead serious face, an expression you had never seen on him before. You always joked around with him and of course teased each other about such things- well, he mostly teased you about it. His suggestive comments directed towards you, even in front of other people, had become a well-known thing and you could say that the glint now in his eyes could match that of when he made a comment towards you but- at this moment it was much more serious. It was much more than what it was when he was being playful.

You felt a shiver run down your spine and your breath catch on your throat as he licked his lower lip. There was no teasing glint in his eyes anymore and for a second you could actually believe that this was not just a game - or work - like with most of his videos or teasing towards you. The look on his face could indicate only one thing about what he actually thought about all of this…

…it was true to him.

You felt your eyes slowly close as he leaned more and more, his lips just a few inches away from yours. He was supposed to move this slowly but all of a sudden you just thought he was moving too slow for your liking so without hesitation- as if your body had a mind of its own, you leaned forward and pressed your lips to his. You felt the corners of his mouth lift slightly to a smile but without hesitating he started kissing back. You let out a content sigh as his lips moved in sink with yours. You could not deny that you had thought about this moment more than plenty of times but reality was so much better.

The weight that had felt to sit on your heart at previously seeing the look on Jensen’s face was now lifting just slightly and you let yourself enjoy this for just as long as it lasted. His hands roamed your figure and you could not help but let out a small moan. You were really glad that in this scene the music was pretty loud and upbeat or else you’d have been terribly embarrassed. It seemed as if luck was not with your side today and Brendon caught the little sound you let as a smirk formed on his lips and you clearly saw it when he pulled away just for a second.

He closed the distance between you once again as you tugged at the hem of his shirt and you heard him let out a small chuckle at your eagerness. But he obeyed nonetheless.

His lips crashed to yours once again and you’d admit, although guiltily, that you felt pleasant shivers down your spine. It felt good, you were not going to deny it and you felt rather guilty about it but Brendon’s lips on top of yours actually made you forget about Jensen and how hurt he looked just a few minutes ago.

You continued on with shooting this particular scene a few times for different takes and despite how hard you found it to control your actions with Brendon kissing you like that you tried to concentrate on the moves of your hands and trying to hold yourself. This after all was a shooting and not real life. Although, it felt much too real for you heart’s good. The look Brendon had on his face when you flipped him so that you were on top was one that you had never seen before and the way he extended one hand to brush your cheek made goosebumps create all over your skin. You tried your best to make everything look as if it was just you doing your job and not enjoying it way too much- even if you were.


Because you simply did not want them to realize anything. Not so much any of the crew as Brendon and on top of all… Jensen.

Jensen who you had not realized had come back but whom you found there watching as you attacked Brendon with kisses (you were on top of him this time) with a look of pure hurt.

You felt your heart fall to the pit of your stomach as soon as the director shouted ‘Cut’ for the last time and you turned to lock eyes with Jensen’s.

A cloth was thrown over your shoulders as soon as you pulled away from Brendon and you could not be more glad about it.

“Ok guys we’ve got this scene, let’s go for the next one!” the director shouted and everybody started gathering and moving their gear once again.

“Great job guys” Jensen’s voice was heard and you and Brendon immediately turned to look at him.

“You tell me. To be honest I never expected this one to be like this in bed, can’t wait to know what more you can do though” Brendon said looking at youwith a big smile and throwing you a wink. Jensen could hardly keep himself from rolling his eyes at him.

You chuckled halfheartedly “It was just acting” you shrugged, crossing your arms over your chest.

You dared glance over at Jensen and saw a small smile on his lips, obviously at what you had just said.

“I guess she’s right” an even bigger - although a little fake - smile spread on his lips as he spoke “It is your first time acting with her but man there is one thing I have to say for sure. She is one hell of an actress!”

“Hell yeah! At some point I believed all of it was real- not that I would complain though” Brendon said, smirking at you.

“Well, too bad that you won’t get that feeling again” Jensen said rather smugly “Sorry to inform you- well, not really but she works with me” and he threw an arm over your shoulder.

“Well, don’t you seem rather cheerful all over a sudden?” Brendon raised an eyebrow at him, his smile falling slightly.

“Oh nah, not really. Just came here to say to (Y/n) to hurry up cause we have to go get the script for the new episode. Jared already got it and told us to hurry so, sorry to ruin it to you but you’ll probably have to hurry that kissing scene and put up with just one take” he said as innocently as he could.

“Ah but I don’t have a problem, she gave me enough to hold onto, till tonight of course. Don’t you dare think you’ll be sleeping in your bed, (Y/l/n)” Brendon smirked, winking at you.

“Of course she isn’t” Jensen so matter-of-factly and seriously that made your eyes almost widen.

Your head snapped to his direction as you raised your eyebrows at him “Really?” you could not help but ask.

“Yeah!” he said so casually it almost scared you “You definitely will not be sleeping in your own bed tonight just like you will not be sleeping in Brendon’s. You’re going to be sleeping in mine after we have practiced on the new scene between Dean and (Y/c/n)” he said and smiled widely.

And you did not have to ask what kind of scene that was.

But the glint in Brendon’s eyes told you that there was more to come than just what you expected with Jensen.

List of cockles precious moments from the last few days:

So much Cockles fellow Cockles trash, these past few days. I just needed to do a compilation of them, so we don’t forget (NOT THAT WE WILL!)

Here is goes:

* Cockles boat ride/date with their families.
* The candid pictures Jensen posted of him and Misha and the sunset (super romantic by the way).
* The pictures Misha posted, especially the one with him and Jensen starting the boat. AND the caption that said ‘me and MY deck swab’ or AKA ‘cabin boy’.
*The cockles outing to a spa (😆) I want to know all the details!
* Jensen tweeting Misha for his b-day and ‘discreetly calling him ‘good looking’.
* Jensen covering Misha’s bruised lips in some photo ops.
Jensen’s out of control hands, grabbing at Misha possessively (again) in some photo ops.
*Jensen bashfully telling, what he called a ‘family story’ of how Misha had to strip down to his goggles.
* Jensen looking mighty shy and whipped (head tilted down, body a bit tense, hands playing with the seam of his pants close to his crotch and kinda blushing), while telling this ‘family story’,
* Jared (bless this man-child) teasing and making super suggestive jokes while Jensen told the story.
* Jared (God bless his soul), switching rooms so Misha wasn’t alone while signing autographs, and Jensen keeping him company (🙈).
* Jensen asking Misha if it was him that ‘smelled’ and Misha answering ‘yes, it’s new’ AND asking Jensen if he liked it (😭), Jensen answering ‘yes, I like it’ (🔫).
* Jensen calling Misha, ‘Mishka’ to show him something (🙊).

Nicknames are one of the highest forms of affection.

Did I miss something? If so, please add it to the list~

The gods favor us fellow Cockles shippers. Let’s hope we get more of these cherished Cockles moments soon enough.



The Russian word for bear, mostly a baby bear ( Cub ).
That’s why the logo of the compony “Mishka” is a bear.

***Also used as a pet name, very much like sweetie-pie and honey-bear*** (I’m dead guys, bring me some roses and peonies to my grave)


The ruler of “mishkan”, or perfect woman in anciant croatian. ***A very attractive, sexually appealing woman***

So it is safe to say that Misha is Jensen’s ‘teddy bear’ 🐻

Bye 👣👣👣

(The definitions are from
*The gif isn’t mine, but I couldn’t find the beautiful person who made it (sorry).

The signs and what they wanna do

Aries: Beat the shit out of whoever hurt Misha

Taurus : Beat the shit out of whoever hurt Misha

Gemini: Beat the shit out of whoever hurt Misha

Cancer: Beat the shit out of whoever hurt Misha

Leo: Beat the shit out of whoever hurt Misha

Virgo: Beat the shit out of whoever hurt Misha

Libra: Beat the shit out of whoever hurt Misha

Scorpio: Beat the shit out of whoever hurt Misha

Sagittarius: Beat the shit out of whoever hurt Misha

Capricorn: Beat the shit out of whoever hurt Misha

Aquarius: Beat the shit out of whoever hurt Misha

Pisces: Beat the shit out of whoever hurt Misha