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Yes, together are Cockles, so?
Oh! the ask thing….
I don´t now. Let me ask my conscience:

Misha Collins?

or Jensen Ackles?

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I… I think I don’t understand the question very well…

Again, Misha Collins

or Jensen Ackles

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Still doubtful about the meaning of the question, just one last time of reflection…

Misha Collins…

or Jensen Ackles…

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You broke my conscience…. XP

How the boys of 13 reasons why would react...

…to you running up and hugging them tightly while crying 


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At first Monty wouldn’t know what to do. He would feel your body collide with his and his heart would immediately drop. After a few moments of standing in shock he would wrap his arms around you tighter than ever before, making you feel the safest you’ve ever felt before. He would just continually mumble the words “I’m sorry” even if it wasn’t his fault. After a bit he would start to ask questions “Who was it” - “I swear to go I’ll kick the bastards ass”. But after he realized you just needed to be held he would rock you slightly, hold you tighter, bury his head in your shoulder and coo “I’m sorry sweetheart. I love you. I love you so much babe" 


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Everything inside him broke seeing you in this much pain making him very quick to respond. One arm wrapped around you for support, the other lightly stroking the back of your head in an attempt to comfort you as much as he possibly could as all he wanted to do was to make you feel better. He would sway you back and forth lightly letting you know that you were in his arms, that you were grounded and that you safe with him. He would quietly sing you a few lines from your favorite song while murmuring "Shhh it’s all okay baby. I gotcha. You’re okay I promise" 


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Zach would immediately tense up. He loved to hold you, touch you, kiss you but this was different, you were in pain and every fiber in his being was immensely aware of that but he would push it away, try and forget about that and only think about you, whispering sweet nothings in your ear while trying to clam you down. He would bring you in close and start repeatedly kissing the side and top of your head telling you that he was here and that he wasn’t going to to leave you, that nothing like this would ever happen again and that he loved you more than he could even understand. 


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Clay would run straight into you, he had made his mistakes In the past and he wasn’t going to do it this time, not with you. He would be the one to cry along with you, holding you as tight as he possibly could a nervous smile breaking out that you could feel buried deep within the crook of your neck "Talk to me” he would plead, his hands lightly stroking your back in attempts to show he was with you, he wouldn’t push you. If you didn’t want to talk he wouldn’t make you, he would just hold you for as long as you wanted to be held “I love you" 


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Alex would immediately understand, he would fall into you, melt into you as you did to him. He would begin to cry with you, upset that he had let this happen, upset that you were upset. "I can fix this, whenever you’re ready” he would murmur, not pushing you but merely letting you know that he wasn’t going to let this go, he wanted, no, he needed to make it right and he needed to make sure you were okay, he loves you more than life itself and he would hug you and whisper encouraging statements in your ear to make sure you knew that “I’m here for you. I will always be here for you”. 


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Justin would immediately become one with you, he didn’t have to know why you were crying but he knew you were crying and that’s all that mattered. The two of you would hug in silence, neither one of you wanting to ruin it and neither one of you really knowing what to say. That long peaceful silence nearly immediately calmed you down, his fingers lightly traveling up and down your back and into your hair to help in anyway he could. Any hug with Justin always felt intimate and it made you feel as if the two of you could face anything.


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Tony wasn’t necessarily one for public affection but when he felt your arms wrap around his neck and your body slam into his he couldn’t help but eagerly return the hug, his eyes wide eyed and his grip firm. He would be stunned, not really knowing what to say only knowing to hug you tighter with each new cry that you sobbed out. Eventually he would gain the courage to talk “Were gonna get through this” he would tell you and thats all he would say, and you didn’t know why but that made you feel safe and that was all you needed.

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SPN FanFic

~Things are so much easier in the movies.~

Jensen x Reader, Jared

2,406 Words

Warnings: Excessive misuse of classic movie quotes

A/N: This is for Arie, @bringmesomepie56​. I have no idea what the hell this is, but I think it’s adorable. Hope you like it. 

“Tonight is the night,” you told yourself as you took a deep breath and followed Jared into the pub. “I’m gonna tell him how I feel.”

“What’s that, Y/N/N?” Jared asked over his shoulder. He could hear your voice over the symphony of noises that engulfed you as you moved towards the bar, but he couldn’t make out your words.

“Nothing,” you hollered back, lifting your chin to push your words up towards his ears. Too damn tall.

Jared gave you a quick once over with narrowed eyes and a playful smirk. “You’re up to something.”

“Am not!”

“Y/N,” he said, pulling you with him as he sank onto a barstool. “You didn’t take your makeup off, your hair is down and… quite nice actually, and that tank top…” Jared shook his head and bit his lip, trying to avert his eyes from your ample cleavage like the good friend he was.

“What about my tank top?” you defended, pulling your shoulders back and pushing your breasts almost into his face.

Jared laughed, “You look amazing, is all I’m saying. But I know what you’re up to. Just fuckin’ tell Jensen how you feel and be done with it.”

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Stolen Moments (Part 2)

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Jensen Ackles x Female Reader

You work as a makeup artist on Supernatural during season 1. You find yourself very attracted to Jensen and he to you, but that attraction has led to some problems between Jared and Jensen.

Part 2 of ?

Contains: strong language, smut, slow burn

Want to catch up? Part 1

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