this was objectively the most insane experience of my life, including gishwhes

I actually had no idea what I wanted to do for my Cockles op until a few hours earlier on my run to the party store. I’m getting all excited about this, so I step up with the piñata and stick outreached and say “Some serious catharsis is about to happen.”  Misha immediately grabs the stick, and they’re both smirking at it as they get into position. I move off to the side behind Misha, but Chris moves me so that I’m kneeling between them. (heh.) 

So Misha’s only miming hitting it in the photo, which I was kind of disappointed about because I fully expected them to go ham on it, but afterwards when I reach out to take the piñata back from Jensen he isn’t really giving it back. Then a volunteer pulls me away a bit and she’s like “yea you might wanna step back for this”, and then it clicks.  So I watch as Misha taps the stick on the ground like a baseball bat, and Jensen tosses it across the backdrop to Misha, who hit it clear back across to Jensen’s feet. He realizes the piñata’s not actually damaged yet, so he walks back across and wields the stick and starts beating the shit out of it. 

Then Jensen takes the stick from him and Misha grabs the piñata and pitches it (as it were) over to Jensen, who then knocks it halfway across the room and almost hits Chris, who’s been taking more photos (THAT HOPEFULLY WE’LL SEE AT SOME POINT), and the Trump face falls off and it’s all dented, and at this point I just fold over and fall to my knees laughing. They’ve totally forgotten I’m still there but I don’t even care, I’m just enjoying the show.

Then they crowd around the camera to see the pictures, and they’re giggling like dweebs and heck I wish I’d seen the other photos but I wasn’t allowed.

So at this point it’s been like 2 minutes and they’ve decided it’s time to move on, so the volunteer hands me back the stick and the busted-up piñata and detached face, and I’m leaving the room with a wide grin because that was the best thing I ever could have asked for. But THEN, the whole thing takes a weird turn because as I’m leaving the room, Jared is standing right outside the door and we make eye contact that is way too prolonged to walk away from without saying anything. I also notice that he’s eyeing the faceless piñata. And I don’t know why I feel the need to explain myself but I just stammer out,


Which is definitely the last thing he was expecting to hear and he just blinks and he’s like “what”

And I’m still kind of stammering like “it–it used to…it had…there was a Trump face–” and I hold up the crumpled face for him to see “–AND THEY BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF IT.”

And obviously he’s TOTALLY PERPLEXED and he’s like “Oh……that’s….awesome???“ And I kind of nod thoughtfully as I seek a way out of this situation and I’m like ”………okayigottagoBYE" AND I SPRINT (LITERALLY SPRINT) AWAY IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. 

I still haven’t quite processed it.

(feel free to crop me out, just please credit me!)

Petition for Jensen Ackles to be given ALL THE AWARDS

How many of us watched this video and thought, “Jensen deserves to get more awards?” Pretty much all of us, I think. He should have an entire room in his house filled with all the awards he has won, and it’s some kind of crime that he doesn’t.

With that in mind, this is a little project that @latetothewinchesterparty and I came up with to show Jensen just how much we love, respect, and admire him and his hard work. The two of us will be at ChiCon together in two weeks, and we will present this “petition” to Jensen during a photo op. We are fully aware that this petition won’t actually get him anything, but it’s just a small way for us to show him how we feel.


Under the cut, you will find the text of the “petition” that we will be presenting to Jensen. What we need from you are SIGNATURES. 

“I want Jensen to know I support him. How do I sign?”

It’s easy! Like, reblog, or reply to this post! On Saturday, September 10th, at midnight, CDT, I will print off all of the likes, replies, and reblogs. Each note will count as a signature on the petition. I will make sure any messages on replies or reblogs print with the notes, so write what you want (but please keep it short, as I only have so much paper and ink).

“But what if I’m going to ChiCon?”

Easy! Come find me in seat H42, and you can sign the paper petition yourself! I’ll be carrying around the paper copy that we plan to give him the whole weekend until it’s time for our photo op. If I’m not in my seat, I’m hard to miss, so look for someone tall, built like a linebacker, brown hair, glasses, probably some kind of plaid on, and a backpack (I’ll probably have my camera around my neck, too, if I’m running between the theater and the photo op room).

So, like, reply, and reblog this post. Make it go viral! Let’s show Jensen that we love him for all the hard work that he does for us.

Petition, etc under the cut:

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I’m going to post this even though the videos aren’t great because I think it’s important. I’ve seen a lot of wank about this moment.

This is just Jared and Jensen having some fun by messing with a cardboard cutout that was left on the stage and Jared demonstrating some excellent kicking techniques. Look at that form and his little spin. Can we all please just enjoy that?