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Can we stop everything for a minute and talk about Jared’s and Jensen’s acting? Sure we can.

There’s no such thing as a surprise when it comes to them being able to make me cry with a simple look and make me crack laughing with a simple move but anyways I still find their acting mesmerizing. 

Let’s start with Jensen, because he got me crying all over this scene. I couldn’t help it. (I cry a lot with SPN because of him)

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He made me feel every bit of desperation he was feeling. How you can’t remember something so simple, so yours, something that in any normal situation you could say it like you can sing your favorite song. But there’s any of that and he just makes you feel it, he doesn’t even has to say it, it’s there in his eyes; how lost he feels.

And all I have to say is: Jensen, you’re definitely one of the best actors I’ve seen and it’s amazingly beautiful the way in which you can get to people’s feelings with your expressions.

That said, now Jared. (I cry a lot with SPN because of this bitch, too

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I’ve been all emotional because of Sam in countless times, Jared gives such expression to Sam that you can’t help yourself.

I was as worried as Sam at this moment and even though I saw Dean’s words as a joke I was totally lost and trying to keep calm but no can do, this is Supernatural we’re talking about. Sam’s expressions here say so much, him shaking his head, him looking away, the little smile he makes, the sigh of relief, the way his eyes look watery. He was going to loose it if the counterspell didn’t work. It’s seen that he can’t lose Dean, not like that, not again. He goes with “not funny” but you gotta see it in his face, you gotta hear it in his voice. Is such a strong feeling kinda like he was making me feel it.

Jared, you’re freaking gold and you never fail to amaze me, you never fail to make me feel every single thing Sam feels. 

Honestly, I’ve gotta thank the world for having such great actors as Jared and Jensen to play the characters I love the most because clearly without them I wouldn’t have fallen in love with the Winchesters. Thanks for,  and to, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. 

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are you still doing the jealous jensen thing? because i thought of one more if you are. and is it just jealous jensen or both of them? because i saw some funny jealous jared stuff on twitter today.

I am definitely still doing it. It may have to be both of them. We talk about Jensen getting jealous when someone else has fun with Jared because he’s so damn obvious about it but oh man. Jared cracks me up sometimes. Like the upfronts in 2014. Jensen is being all cute with Colton Haynes:

So Jared just slips riiiiiight in between them because he’s smooth like that:

DENIED. And then Colton ducks like Jared’s gonna smack him. 

But wait! See Paul Wesley over there looking Jared and Jensen’s direction?:

Uh oh. Yep. He’s going to talk to Jensen:

Someone should do something about that nonsense….


Reminds of of the Saturn Awards where someone else had the NERVE to make Jensen laugh:

And Jared had to spring into action: 

Or maybe the time at sdcc last year when Mark made the same mistake:

Honestly, it’s hilarious. I have about 10 more gif requests to make and very little time right now but I swear. I’ll make it and have the whole thing in one set ASAP. 

Jared’s Auto @ BurCon 2016

The more times I go to these conventions, I always ponder what I’m going to say to Jared and Jensen when I see them. 

It broke my heart when Jared talked about how hard it was to be away from his family when he was working, and all I wanted to tell him was that nothing would make me happier than knowing he was happy. I’ve already laid my heart out and thanked him for helping me in my own life, and I know he knows it. However, there was something I could never stop telling him, and that was how much I loved and supported him. I wanted to tell him he deserves to be happy after he told me he was still working to believe that at PHXCon 2016

I went to up the table and just smiled as I greeted him. Jared smiled back and asked me how the con was this time around. I told him it was just amazing as always. I first congratulated him on his baby girl announcement, and he thanked me. I continued to go on to talk about things I was so proud of him for like his work for Season 12, his voice acting in Phantom Boy, and his new wine with Nocking Point and how I was looking forward to trying it. He got real excited and happy when I mentioned Venatore, telling me it was good and tasty. 

I then got a little emotional as I talked about how much I loved him and how much I will always support him in everything he does. He reaches out to grab my hand, interlocks our fingers, and holds it tight as the IMAlive volunteer rubs my shoulders to comfort me. He was just staring at me with so much concentration that it left me breathless for a second, trying to get my words together. I told him even when he decided to retire from Supernatural and that I would potentially never have a chance to see him again (both on screen and in real life), I just wanted him to be happy because it made me happy. 

He just stared at me and said, “I wish the same for you back, alright? I love you. You’re a beautiful soul.” And apparently everything became a blur after he told me that because I honestly don’t remember much after that moment.

I do remember tearing up and smiling as he let go of my hand. He blew me an air kiss, and I whispered one last “I love you” before I started to walk away. Jared though kept looking at me so intently. Even as I was walking past the curtain and when I turned to look back at him, he was still staring at me smiling before directing his attention to the next fan.

And this is why I love Jared Padalecki.

CAN WE TALK ABOUT SOMETHING?!?!?! Okay so on one of j2m’s spn family values livestream, Jared was a terrible camera operator. Literally the entire time the camera was only on Jared and Jensen because again, JARED YOU ARE A TERRIBLE CAMERA OPERATOR LOL, Jensen continuously kept pulling Misha forcing him to be in the shot because hellooooooOooOoOo. Cockles.

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Unconditional Love

Title: Unconditional Love

Paring: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 895

Warnings: Talk of inability to have children. READ THE WARNING!!!


Request by Anon: Hello! :) I was wondering if I could request a fic in which the reader is newly married to Jensen and she overhears him talking to Jared about wanting to start a family; however, she hasn’t had the heart to tell him that she cannot get pregnant? He then finds her crying and she finally confesses and she’s scared he’ll leave her? Thank you in advance! :)

A/N: Anon I hope you are reading this and like it!! Enjoy!

“It’s the Ackles!!” Jared and Gen say in unison as they open the door to you and Jensen.

Gen gave you a big hug, “soo…tell us about the honeymoon!!”

“Babe, let them get in the door!” Jared teased as he gave you guys hugs. “But, seriously, we want to know all about it. It was super weird not talking to you man!” Jared nudged Jensen.

“Oh I know,” you laughed, “I had to stop him from giving you daily updates. Such women,” you muttered to Gen as she led you inside. “How have things been around here though?”

“Good, kids getting big and hyper as always. The boys wanted to say hi quick so I said you would put them to bed, is that okay with you?”

“Oh yeah! I’ll head up and down that now,” giving Jensen a quick peck on the cheek you headed upstairs.

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