jensen sweater

Sooo I was wearing my "You Are Not Alone" sweater today...
  • French teacher: Who are those gentlemen on your sweater? *points to Misha and Jensen*
  • Me: They're from a TV show
  • French teacher: Oh, like a crime show?
  • Me: Yes *only says yes to end the convo quickly and go back to the safety of my desk*
  • French teacher: I thought so...they look like criminals
  • Me:
Journal - an Audrey Jensen Imagine (Audrey x Reader)

Wordcount: 2411

A/N: Another one shot! Expect, fluff, drama and smut. (2nd posted one shot ever, please be nice! :) )

Summary: Audrey, your girlfriend, comes over when you are writing in your journal, practicing your writing for college. Which leads to confrontation. Something to do with rain (don’t want to spoil) and some making up.

You were scribbling in your journal when you heard a knock on your bedroom door, a knock you were expecting but not quite prepared for. You put down your journal with the pen on top of it, making your way towards your bedroom door. You were in your pyjama shorts and in your girlfriends, Audrey Jensen, sweater with a messy bun in your hair. When you opened the door you were greeted with the words, ‘’’Hello babe.’’ And with that greeting came a sweet smile from your girlfriends face.

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