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TOAM Tantalizing Tuesday: Laughing, smiling and having a great fucking sense of humor

Hi again everyone! Time for the last Tantalizing Tysday of this month (heeehheeeeheheee ok sorry). Now, it would have been easy to just have kept on talking about physical features about this hunk of a man, but alas, we love Ty for more than just his stunning looks. One of the things we enjoy very much about Ty is his humor, his laughs and smiles. So that is what we wish to focus on today.

If you haven’t heard a Ty laugh, you’re missing out. If you can’t tell by the gifs, they’re fucking great. I’ll link you to some con videos in the end of the post with Ty laughs so you can smile. Because seriously, that’s what it does to you. Ty’s laugh, his real, belly laugh is booming and you can’t help but at least smile along. Even watching this short little clip from JIB ‘13 made Mod Mel’s cheeks hurt from smiling like an idiot so much. 

Humor seems like something Ty values highly in his life and with himself and he doesn’t take himself too serious either. If you haven’t followed him on Twitter before, you should, if only for the chances of shenanigans, like the recent dildo-tweets and his impromptu trip to the ER because of a chicken-bone getting caught in his throat. Seriously. Check it out. I linked them for ya.

We love Ty’s humor and his laugh, and his happy, booming personality seems to make both co-hosts/actors, friends and fans laugh along with him easily. To some he might seem like he’s too much, but honestly, those people are naysayers. Who doesn’t wanna have fun? Seriously? We sure do, and we both hope to catch a booming Ty laugh sometime soon in the physical world. For now, enjoy some examples of fantastic Ty humor moments;

Here (Rob & Rich panel, JIBcon 2013, funny cute doofs), here (Jensen and Ty panel, JIBcon 2013, great panel), here (Talking about the Ord voice - really this whole panel is cute and fun, watch it) and here (Ty being a dick and throwing paper planes at Rick Worthy - again great full panel, worth a watch).

Imagine working the night shift, because the other bartender had gotten sick; the crowd being much rougher than what you were used to, hitting on you almost relentlessly and being extremely rude about it, too, when a pleasant change came in and sat down, offering you polite smiles and appreciation for your service

“–On the house.”


“Your drink.–It’s on the house.”


“Because you’re the only guy in here who hasn’t tried something on me.–And you’re cute.”

Christmas Wish {5}

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Light Swearing, Fluff

Words: 4,649

Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Finally! Part 5! You guys ready!? Enjoy! Love you! Happy Christmas Eve!!!

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By Your Side

Characters: Jared x Reader, Jensen
Words: 1342
Requested by Anonymous
Warning: talk of the reader being assaulted.

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“Jared Padalecki!” you giggled, skipping into the large hotel room where Jared was getting ready to hang out and take pictures with some fans. You couldn’t wait to take pictures with your fans as well.

           “Y/N Y/L/N!” Jared called back to you.

           “Are you ready? I want breakfast,” you said.

           Jared laughed, walking out of the bathroom, “I gotta put my shoes on, but then I’m ready,” he said.

           “Good. I’m starving.”

           “Well, I can’t let my girl starve, can I?” he asked.

           “Your girl?” you raised your eyebrows. Jared was your best friend. And, sure, you had a thing for him. But you never thought about him liking you back. And then he would say things like that and make you think there might be a chance.

           “My best girl,” he nodded, putting his shoes on.

           “Good to know,” you giggled.

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